VR developers: Stop shipping glitchy, half-baked games

OPINION: On the 1-10 spectrum of “game developers should be able to sell completely broken demos” to “every game should be thoroughly vetted before release to earn the Nintendo seal of quality,” I’m somewhere in the middle. For years, I’ve hated how app stores and “games as a service” have cultivated …Read More

Fortnite Android release date: Epic Games FINALLY confirms launch plans

Fortnite Battle Royale developer Epic Games has finally confirmed the Android release date. In a brand new blog post, Epic delivers the news fans have been waiting for. After talking about the state of the game on mobile, Epic announced plans to release the Android version this summer. “Fortnite is coming to Android!” the post […]

Why Microsoft wants to make games more accessible for all of us

Inside Microsoft’s Inclusive Technologies Lab in Redmond, Washington, a sign says, “When you do not intentionally, deliberately include … you will unintentionally exclude.” This reflects the thinking behind the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a new accessory for Xbox One game consoles to help those with limited mobility get back in the…Read More

Black Ops 4 reveal news: Call of Duty leak as Switch games rumours surface

Today is set to be an important one for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans. Having heard a lot of rumours and reports over the past few months, a lot of questions should be answered by tonight. Activision are hosting a Black Ops Community Day in LA, which will feature all the answers fans […]

Nintendo Switch games shock: Pokemon Let’s Go news and rumours

New reports this week suggest that Nintendo may be releasing more than just one new Pokemon Switch game in the next 12 months. We already know that a new core release is being planned for the handheld console, but it appears evidence is mounting of something else. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers posted new details on […]

Google Chrome team rolls back the update that muted many web games

With the release of Chrome 66 last month, the browser began automatically muting sound on videos by default. The only problem is that this tweak silenced a number of web games and art projects, which weren’t built for the new feature. Now the Chrome team has rolled out a new v66 (66.0.3359.181 on all desktop […]

Fortnite Challenges DELAY: Epic Games confirms Season 4 update hitch

Epic Games recently announced that the next big update for their popular Battle Royale would be going live on Tuesday, May 15. However, since posting this information, more news has been shared, and it won’t make for great reading for those with a Battle Pass. Epic Games have announced that they have been forced to […]

Download and play these Xbox Games Pass titles while you still can

Enlarge / While still “over 100 Games,” the selection on Xbox Games Pass is set to get a bit smaller next month. Microsoft’s $ 10 per month Xbox Games Pass subscription service will be seeing the first significant reduction in its game library at the end of May. That’s when 21 available titles—primarily backward-compatible Xbox […]

Japan gets golden NES Classic dedicated to old anime games

When Nintendo promised to revive the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Editions, we didn’t expect the company to do it this way. In celebration of Japanese manga magazine Weekly Jump, Nintendo will release a special gold and red Famicom Mini (NES to Western audiences) preloaded with 20 games that were based on manga from […]