‘Prototype Mansion – Used No Cover’ Pokes Fun At Classic PS1 Horror Games

Prototype Mansion – Used No Cover aims to take players back to the golden era of PS1 horror with disorienting third person camera angles, shambling zombies, a beret-topped heroine, and a creepy mansion (plus loads of campy humor). Try to survive the night in the mansion and investigate EVERYTHING. Detective Lady Detective (Good start) and […]

Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator Looks To Help Independent Developers Grow

Budding Android developers from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam can apply to take part in Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator Program, a program designed to help independent developers grow their business, gain valuable development skills, and learn about leading and managing their teams. Using workshops, mentorships with skilled mobile developers, and […]

Fortnite update 5.0: Epic Games news on new SMG and downtime plans

Today will see the first season 5 content patch released by the development team. The Fortnite update 5.0 release today will be based around new content being added to the game. Epic Games have yet to release the patch notes for their next big update; however, they have provided further details on when it will […]

China is sending some of its most lethal bombers and fighter jets to Russia for major war games — here’s what they’re bringing

Associated Press China is sending some of its most advanced fighter jets and bombers to Russia later this month for a major international military exercise.  “The International Army Games 2018, initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense, will start on July 28,” China’s Ministry of Defense said in a press statement last week. “It is co-organized […]

Xbox One news: PUBG update, PS5 release date shock, Games with Gold countdown

Microsoft has new projects being launched this week, connected to some of the Xbox One’s biggest features. One major update fans can look forward to is the release of the next batch of Games with Gold titles. Like usual, Games with Gold is split into two different release schedules, the latest coming on July 16. Fans […]

Will location-based VR games like Mario Kart VR be lost to history?

ANALYSIS: I enjoy both virtual reality and Mario Kart games, so I’ve wanted to play Mario Kart VR ever since it was announced. Unfortunately, like 99.994 percent of the population, I would have to physically travel to a different city just to play it: One year after its release, Bandai Namco and Nintendo have only […]

Never Stop Sneakin’ is a brilliant send-up of ’90s stealth games

Enlarge / Hummingbird is just one of many unlockable, playable characters. (credit: Humble Hearts) Nostalgia is a tricky thing. We all feel it at one time or another, and it often seems nothing gets butts in the proverbial seats as reliably as the promise of remembering everything as it was, when you didn’t know any […]

Fortnite season 5: First official teaser revealed by Epic Games ahead of big release date

Fortnite season 5 is coming soon and ahead of the new Battle Pass release date Epic Games have just revealed the first official teaser. The mysterious Fortnite season 5 teaser doesn’t give much away with what appears to be a cat like mask with cracks appearing above it. The cracks are the same as the […]

McLaren’s expanded eSports program includes mobile racing games

McLaren is enamored with eSports — so much so that it’s expanding the scope of its program. The 2018 edition of the Shadow Project promises to be more “open and inclusive” than you might expect, letting you compete for virtual motorsports glory not just with die-hard PC racing simulators like iRacing and rFactor 2, but […]

The best, craziest speedruns from this year’s Summer Games Done Quick

Enlarge (credit: Games Done Quick) The week-long Summer Games Done Quick gaming marathon concluded on Saturday after raising $ 2.1 million for charity. That may very well lead outsiders to ask: What kind of gaming event can raise so much money for a global nonprofit like Doctors Without Borders? Fans of the Games Done Quick […]