Gamers involved in December’s “swatting” death just got indicted

Enlarge / This screenshot from local television station KWCH Channel 12 shows Barriss at a recent court appearance. (credit: KWCH Channel 12) Federal prosecutors have unsealed an indictment against three men involved in the December death of a Kansas man, Andrew Finch. Finch was shot by police officers after one of the defendants, Tyler Barriss, made […]

Niko Partners: Hardcore PC gamers in China play 42 hours a week

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese gamers are pretty hardcore, and the most hardcore are the PC gamers who play an average of 42 hours a week, according to a survey by market researcher Niko Partners and partner Quantic Foundry. The survey captures the characteristics of Chinese gamers and who they really are, said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, general manager of […]

Intel aims 8th Gen Core i9 processors at mobile gamers and content creators

Intel is unveiling its 8th Generation Intel Core i9 processor for laptop computers, and it is targeting it at mobile gamers, virtual reality fans, and content creators. The new chip offers “enthusiast level” performance, and it is the fastest laptop processor that Intel has ever built. The chips are aimed at fueling the growth of […]

Unity lets developers use Kin cryptocurrency to reward gamers

Game engine creator Unity Technologies has teamed up with messaging app company Kik to enable game developers to use Kik’s Kin cryptocurrency to reward players. Kik joined the crypto bandwagon in September, raising almost $ 100 million from the sale of its tokens, dubbed Kin. And now Kik, through the Kin Ecosystem Foundation, is signing […]

Blast raises $5 million to turn gamers into savers

Every time you hit an achievement in League of Legends, you could trigger “micro-savings.” That’s the big idea that enabled Blast to raise $ 5 million in funding. Blast’s micro-savings tools will eventually work with most games, from hardcore hits like League of Legends to casual fare such as Candy Crush Saga. Micro-savings h…Read More

PSN Down: PlayStation Network status reveals server trouble for PS4 gamers

The PSN is Down for many gamers tonight trying to use core services on their PS4 console. The official PlayStation Network status page confirms as much, revealing that both gaming and social are currently the worst affected. “You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features,” the official PSN message reads. “Our engineers […]

How do developers hook U.S. mobile gamers? Achievements and progress tracking

GUEST: When designing or localizing your mobile game for international release, it is critical to examine whether or not it’s a good fit for what people in local markets want to play on their mobile devices. As we’ve seen with megahits like Japan’s Monster Strike, what achieves overwhelming success in one country might falter when […]

UNICEF recruits gamers to mine cryptocurrency for Syrian kids

UNICEF has launched a new fund-raising project in the same vein as SETI@Home and Einstein@home, but with a cryptocurrency spin. In an effort to raise money for the children in war-torn Syria, the organization is asking gamers, eSports fans and anybody with powerful graphics cards in their computers for help in mining Ethereum. It’s calling […]

PlayStation Network is down for many gamers

Your PlayStation console is probably struggling to get online right now. Sony’s PlayStation Network service is experiencing an intermittent outage that has caused connection errors for people throughout today. Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed the issue, and it is trying to get PSN back up and running. “You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, […]