#ICYMI: International Women’s Day – what’s the best thing gals have given us? (hint: It’s not sex)

It’s International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate our ladies for being the strong, smart, independent beings that they are. So what is the greatest gift that gals have given the world? We hit the streets of London to find out. Windshield Wipers American inventor Mary Anderson invented modern windshield wipers. On a trip […]

Pals over guys and gals: Millions prefer their best friend to their partner

Instead of putting their friendship on the backburner when they meet ‘The One’, almost one in five still value their relationship with their pal more than they do with their other half. But for 37 per cent of people, they have known their best friend for more than 30 years, making it one of the […]

Broad City Gals Curse Out RuPaul, President Trump in Season 4 Trailer

Can we get a “yas queen”? Comedy Central on Sunday released a new, star-studded trailer for Broad City Season 4, which finds Ilana telling off Drag Race icon RuPaul, and Abbi hiding from country music sensation Shania Twain. Among the other notable guest stars spotted in the 90-second tease? Boardwalk Empire alum Steve Buscemi, Saturday Night Live vet Jane Curtin and black-ish‘s Wanda […]