‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ Director David Wain on Telling the Story of National Lampoon [Sundance Interview]

Director and sometime performer David Wain has a long and successful history of directing beloved comedies with large ensemble casts, going back to his earliest days with sketch-comedy team The State and such feature films as Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models, Wanderlust, and They Came Together. But with A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Wain […]

Here’s the First Trailer for the Inside-Comedy Biopic ‘A Futile & Stupid Gesture’

Doug Kinney is one of those names only familiar to people deep inside a specific realm of fandom (in this case, comedy geeks), though he was partly responsible for some of the most enduring comedy of our time: co-founder of the National Lampoon (and writer of much of its early magazine and radio content), and […]