Quiz review: Millionaire-themed production is timely but with fundamental weaknesses

But back when Chris Tarrant ruled the bastard child of Double Your Money and Mastermind, a million pounds was serious dosh. And the scandal of the “Coughing Major” who was convicted of cheating his way to the big cheque in 2003 was international news. James Graham’s play Quiz has transferred from a successful run at […]

The CEO of a $2 billion startup says there’s a fundamental reason this company is the most successful one he’s built

Flatiron Health/Facebook Nat Turner is the cofounder and CEO of Flatiron Health, recently sold to Roche for $ 1.9 billion. Flatiron creates software that is changing the way oncologists and researchers track and study cancer treatments. Turner, 32, is a serial entrepreneur, but said this is the first time he’s passionate about his company’s purpose. […]

CREDIT SUISSE: There’s been a ‘fundamental shift’ in how investors view the stock market’s relentless rally

Frank Polich/Reuters Recent options-trading activity suggests “a more fundamental shift in outlook, rather than just bullish tactical positioning,” according to Credit Suisse.  The past two weeks have seen a drop in the S&P 500’s six-month skew, which measures option prices betting on a decline relative to those betting on a rise.  That’s a noteworthy difference from […]

Never-ending construction: Berlin’s unfinished airport still plagued by ‘fundamental faults’

Berlin’s international airport in Brandenburg has turned into a sort of unending construction project due to numerous technical problems. Now, even the airport systems that were deemed ready-to-use were found to be malfunctioning. More than 2,000 days since the initially scheduled opening, the end of construction of the infamous airport dubbed “the building site of […]

The fundamental differences between automation and AI

GUEST: The terms “artificial intelligence” and “automation” are often used interchangeably. They’re short-hand for robots and other machines that allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively — whether it’s a mechanical construct piecing together a car or the signal that sets off the smoke alarm in an emergency. But there are some pretty big differences […]

IBM partners with MIT for $240 million “fundamental AI research” project

Enlarge / In the movie Her, a man falls in love with a commercially available AI. Maybe it was developed at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab? (credit: Annapurna Pictures) In one of the most lucrative partnerships ever between a corporation and a university, IBM will team up with MIT to engage in 10 years of […]

Conor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather when he couldn’t handle one of the most fundamental differences of MMA and boxing

Isaac Brekken/AP The Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather boxing match was stopped in the 10th round when it was clear that McGregor was on his way down, giving Mayweather the win by TKO. After a surprisingly strong start, McGregor appeared exhausted in the later rounds of the fight. By the 10th round, Mayweather was landing big punches to […]

India’s top court rules that individual privacy is a fundamental right

(Reuters) — India’s top court unanimously ruled on Thursday that individual privacy is a fundamental right, a verdict that will impact everything from the way companies handle personal data to the roll-out of the world’s largest biometric ID card program. A nine-member bench of India’s Supreme Court announced the ruling in a big setback for […]

Taking quark-gluon plasma for a spin may un-break a fundamental symmetry

Enlarge / The STAR detector, with a bunch of physicists thrown in for scale. (credit: Brookhaven National Lab) Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s RHIC particle accelerator have determined that an exotic form of matter produced in their collisions is the most rapidly spinning material ever detected. The material is called a quark-gluon plasma, and it […]