ITV Good Morning Britain: Viewers SWITCH OFF in frustration ‘Focus on OUR problems'

This morning has seen Good Morning Britain break the news of a horrific shooting in California, America, in a situation which is still currently developing. Across the pond, reporter Ross King relayed the information over the heartbreaking tragedy taking place at Borderline Bar & Grill, around 30 miles outside of Los Angeles. There are reportedly […]

#MelynkOut billboards go up as Senators fans voice frustration

Billboards designed to put pressure on Ottawa Senators owner and CEO Eugene Melnyk to sell the team have gone up at several locations around Ottawa. The billboards went up Monday and will remain for two weeks at: Ogilvie Road near St. Laurent Boulevard. Hunt Club Road near Paul Benoit Drive. Bank Street near Riverside Drive. Carling Avenue near Preston Street. […]

LeBron James opens up on biggest frustration from Cleveland Cavaliers shocking start

The Cavaliers are now 3-5 for the season after a 17-point loss to the Pacers this evening and have now gone four-straight games without a win. James had 33 points and 11 assists, but it wasn’t enough for the Cavaliers as the Pacers came up big in the final quarter. Kevin Love, JR Smith, Jae […]

Kelly slams media as ‘only frustration’, but keeps reporters laughing

Published time: 12 Oct, 2017 22:19 Edited time: 12 Oct, 2017 22:22 White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, in a surprise appearance at a White House press briefing, kept reporters laughing with remarks that sounded close to President Donald Trump’s style of handling the media. “Although I read it all the time pretty consistently, […]

Sergio Garcia had to putt with his 3 wood after breaking his putter in frustration

@Skratch/Twitter Sergio Garcia had a rough day on the golf course. During the third round of the Dell Technologies Championship, Garcia found himself frustrated with a poor putt at the fourth hole. After a great shot off the tee left him in a position to putt for eagle, but his stroke left the ball well […]

‘Obviously, there’s some frustration’: Trump lashes out at McConnell, McCain over healthcare

For the second day in a row, President Donald Trump has escalated his attacks against the Senate majority leader from his own party, even suggesting that he should step down if the Republican-controlled Congress is not able to pass major legislation. Speaking from the steps of his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey on […]

Frustration Nation

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Throughout President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, there’s been a deluge of bad press. From the start, there were issues with the size of Trump’s inauguration. He said it was the largest, the media showed otherwise. There was the resignation of now-former national security advisor Mike Flynn, a huge blow […]

Senior Israel defense official: Syria’s president carried out chemical attack out of frustration

Thomson Reuters The United States warned Israel two hours before two US warships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Syrian regime’s Al Shayrat Airbase, a senior IDF official said on Wednesday.Following the strikes, the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit put out a statement saying that Israel’s military had been briefed in […]

Players, fans voice frustration over NHL's decision to skip the Olympics

The NHL announced Monday that it will not be sending players to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang. It was a decision that sent shock waves through the hockey community, reaction that was decidedly not in favour of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Way to ruin the sport of hockey even more Gary #Olympics — @BrandonPrust8 And you thought Gary […]