Bill Hader breaks down how ‘SNL’ stage fright inspired his new HBO show about a hitman, and tells a funny Tom Cruise story

John P. Johnson/HBO Bill Hader used the anxieties he had on “Saturday Night Live” to create the character for his HBO series, “Barry,” about a hitman who wants to be an actor — though he’s awful at acting. Hader said the biggest challenge was making a hitman show that didn’t imitate classics in the genre […]

The Exorcist Video: Marcus Taunts the Demon, Tomas Has a Bloody Fright

No more Mr. Nice Andy. As this exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode of The Exorcist (Fox, 9/8c) shows, John Cho’s usually affable character is no longer the easygoing, kind foster dad we met at the beginning of the season. (In his defense, the same might happen to you if you were being tormented by a […]

WATCH: Great white shark gives cameraman fright of his life in extremely close call

The incredible footage was shot off the coast of South Africa, an area notorious for great white sightings.  Video taken from underwater showed the shark launching for bait on a line.  As it did so, the huge predator bared its giant jaws, flashing its razor sharp teeth.  But the terrifying show didn’t end there – […]