‘Mary Shelley’ Trailer: Meet the Woman Who Created Frankenstein

The story of the writer of Frankenstein gets the biopic treatment in Mary Shelley. Elle Fanning plays the young author as she struggles with hardships and relationships, all while penning her masterpiece. Watch the Mary Shelley trailer below. Uh-oh, this looks…not great. The story of Mary Shelley, writer of Frankenstein, daughter of political philosopher William Godwin, and philosopher and feminist Mary […]

Knockout Art from the ‘Classics Reimagined’ Edition of ‘Frankenstein’

Mary Shelley’s iconic Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus is approaching the 100th anniversary of its original publication, and Rockport’s Classics Reimagined imprint is on the case. The press, which publishes collector’s editions of classic novels with stunning new illustrations, has a new bicentennial pressing of Frankenstein, full of haunting images by artist and graphic designer […]

The Wall Street legend who helped blow up the world explains why his ‘Frankenstein’ creation went so wrong

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Lewis Ranieri is considered the father of the mortgage-backed security. His invention enabled millions of Americans to afford homes, but its distortion and manipulation also helped cause the financial crisis.  He told Institutional Investor he never imagined ratings agencies and regulators would fail so badly, but also accepted part of the blame. […]

Bill Condon Eyes Gal Gadot for ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ — If Angelina Jolie Leaves

Gal Gadot could trade in her shield for a white gown and wig, if Bride of Frankenstein director Bill Condon gets his wish granted. The classic monster movie remake and next entry into Universal’s so-called Dark Universe has been indefinitely delayed, and there’s nothing much for the team behind it to do except twiddle their thumbs […]

The Dark Universe Lumbers On: Bill Condon Talks ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Remake

Boy, they’re really still going to do this, huh? After the less-than-kind reaction to The Mummy, featuring Tom Cruise and nothing even close to a coherent script, it seemed as if Universal’s Dark Universe – an attempt to turn their classic Monsters characters into the stars of their own MCU – might be DOA. But apparently […]

Can Frankenstein Cows Cure Human Disease?

Eddie Sullivan is returning to his laboratory roots in the sprawling Sanford research facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Now CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics, the reproduction research scientist tours the pristine labs where his company clones cattle. The specialized cow embryos spend seven days here before being transferred into the womb of a surrogate cow, […]

A surgeon aiming to do the first human head transplant says ‘Frankenstein’ predicted a crucial part of the surgery

OOOM Agency To Sergio Canavero, “Frankenstein” is scientific inspiration. The Italian neurosurgeon told Business Insider that Mary Shelley’s classic novel convinced him that he could complete the world’s first full-body transplant. Canavero claims he’ll complete the procedure on a human next fall in China. Not only did the book reveal a missing piece in his […]

Alex Kurtzman Explains How ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Will Redefine the Character

While the reviews for The Mummy haven’t been kind so far, Universal has gone all-in on their Dark Universe plans, which will unite all of their classic monsters in a Marvel-style cinematic universe. It remains to be seen if Tom Cruise fighting the Egyptian undead will pack theaters this weekend, but director Alex Kurtzman, one […]

‘Alien: Covenant’ Spoiler Review: Ridley Scott Makes His ‘Frankenstein’

(In our Spoiler Reviews, we take a deep dive into a new release and get to the heart of what makes it tick…and every story point is up for discussion. In this entry: Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.) In 1979, Ridley Scott unleashed Alien on unsuspecting moviegoers, creating something that would end up becoming iconic in the […]

Bill Condon Eyes ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Remake

Bill Condon, whose Beauty and the Beast remake has become a box office monster with a $ 1 billion-plus haul worldwide, is reportedly looking to direct the remake of Bride of Frankenstein as part of the new Universal Monsters movie universe. Condon is in early talks with Universal to direct the remake of the 1935 monster movie classic, […]