Fox’s Tucker Carlson turns on ‘incapable’ Trump in surprising interview

Conservative Fox News star Tucker Carlson appeared to go rogue in a recent interview, attacking US President Donald Trump for failed campaign promises and a general incapability as a leader. Whereas liberal claims of Trump’s incompetence and lack of understanding are nearly inescapable in much of the media, the Fox News star’s recent comments came […]

CNN slams ‘schizophrenic moment’ Fox’s Hannity joins Trump on stage

TV news is losing its mind after Sean Hannity hugged and praised the president on stage at a rally Monday night, breaking a cardinal rule of political journalism, but the Fox News host’s support for Trump isn’t exactly a surprise. Despite a pre-rally tweet stating he was only interviewing President Trump for Fox and not […]

21st Century Fox’s Lachlan Murdoch mulls buying back regional sports networks from Disney

21st Century Fox Twenty-First Century Fox Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch said it is still an “open question” whether the company will buy back the regional sports networks it sold to Walt Disney for $ 71 billion. Murdoch, who will become CEO of the remaining company “New Fox,” said the company “will be inquisitive” in looking […]

Exclusive: The CBI warns Liam Fox’s Brexit trade plans could bankrupt British companies

EXCLUSIVE: The CBI — Britain’s biggest business group — warns Liam Fox’s plan to “cut and paste” 40 free trade deals is near-impossible and could push Britain towards a “cliff-edge”. This week, BI reported the European Commission was “deeply concerned” about the UK trade department’s lack of preparation for rolling over trade deals it enjoys as […]

When Can Fans Expect Fox’s Marvel Characters to Appear in the MCU?

Before the end of 2017, a huge deal in the entertainment industry was announced with Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox, which meant the House of Mouse would own 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, the FX and National Geographic channels, Fox’s regional sports networks, and a majority ownership of Hulu. The details of this purchase are still […]

Silent Witness: Emilia Fox’s Dr Nikki Alexander PUNCHED in face in dramatic twist

The forensic crime drama series saw Nikki’s suspicions about David Cannon (Julian Rhind-Tutt) aroused further when she discovered blood in the boot of his car. With Dr Thomas Chamberlain’s (Richard Lintern) support, she took samples to process. However, the uncovering of a family murder from the past shone the spotlight on three people who went […]

Could ‘Fantastic Four’ Be Left Out of Disney and 20th Century Fox’s Impending Deal?

Put away your Fantastic Four and Avengers figurines, and roll up your shirt sleeves: We’re going to talk movie rights. One of the biggest deals in the superhero movie landscape could soon take place and it has vast implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. Disney and 21st Century Fox are finalizing a deal that would see […]

Comcast is also interested in buying most of Fox’s assets

It’s not just Disney interested in snapping up a large chunk of 21st Century Fox. Wall Street Journal tipsters claim not just that Disney has resumed “active talks” to buy most of Fox’s movie and TV assets, but that Comcast has entered discussions as well. Apparently, the initial leak of Disney-Fox negotiations prompted a frenzy […]

Disney Wants to Buy Fox’s Movie Studio, TV Production and More

After years of rumors involving Apple buying Disney or Disney buying Netflix, we have finally arrived at a potentially industry-shaking acquisition involving the House That Walt Built. According to a new report, 21st Century Fox (whose assets include the 20th Century Fox film studio and Fox television) have been talking with the Walt Disney Company about selling most […]