Formula E starts season 5 in Saudi Arabia with a faster electric race car

Formula E Most of the motorsports world takes a well-deserved break in December. The long Formula 1 championship is done, as is the even longer NASCAR season. But this weekend, one series is about to get started: it’s time for Formula E, which holds its first race of the 2018/2019 championship on Saturday. This is […]

Follow This Simple Success Formula to Stop Feeling Stuck in Life

Life can come as a roller coaster sometimes. It is tough to be the best version of yourself as you constantly meet with obstacles and life’s changing dynamisms. To move on to a different plateau, you may need to be more strategic and systematic in your approach to life. I have been there. I know […]

F1 Japanese Grand Prix LIVE STREAM: How to watch Formula One from Suzuka live online

Formula One is back with the world’s best drivers about to face off at the Japanese Grand Prix. Mercedes star and championship leader Lewis Hamilton will be looking to extend his lead at the top of the summit after qualifying on pole. And the Brit, who is chasing his fifth world title, will be boosted […]

Here’s what Formula 1 cars may look like in 2021 if the sport gets its way

Enlarge (credit: Formula 1) Formula 1 has become quite forward-thinking since getting new owners interested in more than just sucking as much profit out of the sport as possible. That was certainly on display in a series of concept cars for the 2021 season the racing series showed to the world on Friday ahead of […]

BMW will unveil its Formula E racer next week

The fifth season of the Formula E championship is scheduled to start on December 15th in Saudi Arabia, and it will be the first one where BMW participates as an official manufacturer. While all of the cars will use the same next-generation Formula E chassis designed by Spark Racing, the components inside (electronics, inverters, gearboxes […]

Formula 1 Halo protector surely saved a life at Belgian Grand Prix

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Motorsports As Fernando Alonso’s McLaren bounced off Charles Leclerc’s Sauber, the controversial F1 halo protector probably saved its first life. Continue reading Formula 1 Halo protector surely saved a life at Belgian Grand Prix Formula 1 Halo protector surely saved a life at Belgian Grand Prix originally appeared […]

A woman who pays Instagrammers and YouTubers $500 to $30,000 per post on behalf of brands like Cosmo and Esquire has a go-to formula for calculating what they’re worth

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Brittany Hennessy is the senior director of influencer strategy and talent partnerships at Hearst Digital Media. She said social media influencers are paid for two things: production and distribution. Sometimes influencers ask for less than they’re worth, Hennessy says, while others ask for too much, like a first class flight. Influencer marketing is almost […]

The mysterious new ‘Fallout’ game is reportedly using the same survival formula that’s seen wide success in other online games

There was a time, around four or five years ago, when it seemed the only games that were being released followed the same formula: early access, open-world, and survival. Games like Day Z and Rust exploded almost overnight, and many copycats followed. The premise of an open-world survival game is relatively simple —  you’re thrust […]

Formula 1 finally launched its livestream—and it was a total mess

This week, Formula 1’s long-anticipated Internet streaming service went live just ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The introduction of its own online stream was a huge priority for Liberty Media, the sport’s owner, which is trying to bring the 21st century to a series that until now had stoutly ignored the Internet. This new […]

Lewis Hamilton reveals most 'surreal’ meetings since becoming Formula One driver

Hamilton has constantly been in the spotlight since bursting onto the scene with McLaren in 2007. The Brit secured a podium finish in his maiden race and he has not looked back since – tallying up four world championships. Hamilton is enjoying a difficult battle with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel to try and win his fifth […]