The RetroBeat: Donkey Kong ’94 for the Game Boy is Nintendo’s forgotten masterpiece

Mario has starred in more classics than any other game character, but one of his best games doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In 1994, Nintendo released the Super Game Boy, a cartridge for the Super Nintendo that let you play Game Boy games on your TV. It would even add colors to some games. […]

Sanctions forgotten in St. Petersburg as Putin attracts global big-hitters to his hometown

After a few lean years following Russia’s estrangement from the West in 2014, Russia’s most famous business showpiece has come roaring back. This week proves how talk of “isolation” was pure blather. ST. PETERSBURG – Longtime Russia hands often remark that there are two Russias: the one presented by the Western media and the other, […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Aidan Connor ‘forgotten storyline’ EXPOSED amid Eva Price exit

The Coronation Street businessman lashed out at Eva (played by Catherine Tyldesley) when she realised they had no future together. Eva had previously revealed that Aidan (Shayne Ward) was the father of her unborn baby but he was unconvinced. The Underworld boss asked whether the baby was his or Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson), with whom […]

Sir David Attenborough almost DIED while filming Trials of Life: 'I've never forgotten it'

A collaborator of Sir David Attenborough has shared a surprising story about how the documentarian came close to death during filming. Producer Alastair Fothergill, who has worked with Sir David on Blue Planet and Planet Earth, has revealed a story about an incident that occurred in the 1990’s. The story tells of Sir David filming […]

Google has received 2.4 million ‘right to be forgotten’ URL delisting requests and fulfilled 43%

Google revealed that it has received 2.4 million de-indexing requests following the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) ruling in Europe, and it has acted on 43 percent of those requests. The new figures constitute part of the internet giant’s semi-regular search removals transparency report, which it yesterday revealed will now provider further details on the […]

Mary Berry reveals why forgotten mealtime favourites should return to the dinner table

BBC / GETTY Mary Berry wants to champion old-school food Instead, the no nonsense queen of cakes and fervent traditionalist wants to see a return to the fare of yesteryear and is championing the hearty suet favourite. She said: “There are a few dishes I’d love to make popular again. My first choice would be […]

‘Jeffrey Sterling has become invisible hero, forgotten by media’

Journalists never ask about former CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, who has become an invisible man to the media, former US Senate candidate and political activist Arn Menconi told RT. The US intelligence whistleblower has been released from prison, where he served time after revealing CIA mismanagement of a classified program to the Senate. He had […]