Forget Milan. African Fashion Is Taking Over the World.

OZY’s new TV show, Breaking Big, explores the secrets to success.OZY’s new TV show, Breaking Big, explores the secrets to success. Click to find out more. Neither of the co-founders of the luxury African e-commerce company OXOSI came at it from a fashion background. They started the online retailer out of a shared appreciation for […]

Let’s Not Forget Where the Fuel Economy Rollback Leaves Oil Companies

The Trump administration’s ongoing endeavor to replace existing fuel economy mandates with something easier on automakers is a hot topic, but the issue has more angles than a rhombicosidodecahedron. One that took a backseat during much of our coverage is where the oil industry fits into all of this. We figured it was pretty obvious because, […]

QOTD: Forget Newsletters – Which Automaker Would You Subscribe to?

Newsletters, podcasts, streaming music services — our quest for consumption and thirst for variety knows no bounds. But lately, automakers have taken to experimenting with the same business model. A range of cars, plus insurance coverage, for a fixed monthly price. Sounds intriguing, if the price is right. Cadillac’s doing it. Bimmer, too. And so is […]

Forget Learning How to Multitask: Boost Productivity 10X More with Focus

There’s a dark side to the conveniences of the Digital Age. With smartphones that function like handheld computers, it has become increasingly difficult to leave our work behind. Sometimes it seems like we’re expected to be accessible 24/7. How often are you ever focused on just one thing? Most of us try to meet these […]

Forget Whistler, this is Tajikistan’s untouched, off-piste playground

Huw Kingston July 12, 2018 Share this article For a skiing expedition with a twist, adventurer Huw Kingston journeyed to Tajikistan’s remote Fann Mountains, where you’re more likely to spy untouched glaciers than you are any other travelers. Because there are none. “Fancy skiing in the Fann Mountains?” my friend Dave asked me. “Doesn’t seem […]

My Final Appeal to Emmy Voters: Please Don't Forget These 3 Underdogs

The nomination-round voting period for the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards closes on Monday at 10 pm/PT, and I have a hunch there will be a lot of 11th hour ballot activity going on over the weekend. To all you procrastinating Academy members, I urge you — no, I beg you — to keep top of […]

Forget New York — these are the 10 surprising cities millennials are moving to

Miune/Shutterstock New York City no longer appears to be one of the best cities for millennials to move to. SmartAsset recently revealed the top cities millennials are moving to, and the results are surprising. The Big Apple didn’t even make the top 25, but three cities in Virginia made the top 10. Is the Big […]

Forget Avengers 4: Is Hawkeye back in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Who is Goliath?

Back in March 2017 there were already major rumours that Hawkeye would return in Ant-Man 2.  Our interest was then reignited when the first Avengers 4 artwork was leaked. Not only is it the first clear look at Hawkeye from Marvel since Civil War, just look who is charging into battle at his side in […]