Mueller is reportedly investigating Jared Kushner’s efforts to seek foreign financing for his family’s business

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating contacts between White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and foreign investors during the transition period, CNN reported. In particular, Mueller is investigating Kushner’s interactions with a Chinese government-linked company that was close to investing in the Kushner family’s real-estate property at 666 Fifth Avenue. The new […]

Facebook’s secret weapon in the fight against foreign meddling? Postcards

Enlarge / Mock-up of expected returns from Facebook’s postcard campaign. (credit: Alexey Nikolsky / AFP / Getty Images / Aurich Lawson) A Facebook executive has announced a new plan designed to mitigate foreign influence in political ad buys on the social media platform. It involves a technology your grandparents would recognize—postcards. The plan was announced […]

Sputnik news agency’s US content provider registers as foreign agent

US-based company RIA Global, which provides content for Russian news agency Sputnik, has registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The company said in its registration filings that it has “independent editorial control” over the shows, newswires, and website articles and that it “respectfully disagrees that FARA should apply.” RIA Global was notified in […]

China is moving to eliminate all cryptocurrency trading with a ban on foreign exchanges

ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP/Getty Images) China has previously taken steps to curb cryptocurrency trading in the country, but recent moves may eliminate trading in the country completely.  People’s Bank of China said on Sunday that it would block access to all domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO websites. China already banned Bitcoin exchanges in late 2017 as […]

UK will seize assets held by foreign criminals, says security chief

The UK has introduced sweeping new powers which, according to the country’s security minister, will be used to seize the assets of foreign criminals. Speaking to the Times, cabinet minister Ben Wallace said that he would use “the full force of the government” to stifle the activities of investors using Britain as a haven for their […]

Russian House in Davos ‘a major attraction for foreign business & officials’ – Putin’s advisor

The Russian House in Davos, which is the official Russian residence at the World Economic Forum, has greatly contributed to promoting Russia’s business opportunities and investment appeal as it hosted more than 1,000 visitors from 60 countries, including prominent entrepreneurs, experts, and media representatives, the Roscongress Foundation, an organization that managed the venue, said in […]

Blast reported in Afghan capital Kabul near many foreign embassies & govt buildings

Published time: 27 Jan, 2018 08:36 Edited time: 27 Jan, 2018 08:50 An explosion has hit a central district of Kabul, close to where several embassies and government buildings are located, Reuters reports. Preliminary reports say the explosion occurred close to the building which formerly housed Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry. Local media indicate that there may […]

Russian economy under Putin: Quality of life tripled, foreign debt fell 75%

Vladimir Putin was first elected as Russian President in 2000. Here’s how the Russian economy has transformed in the intervening years by numbers. Quality of life Before Putin’s election, Russia had a $ 9,889 GDP per capita by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The figure had almost tripled by 2017, and has now reached $ 27,900. […]

Spain’s foreign minister falls ill during Davos debate (VIDEO)

A live World Economic Forum debate in Davos was suspended Wednesday, after Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis suffered a dizzy spell and had to receive medical attention. Dastis was in the second row of the audience watching a World Bank Live talk on tackling inequality when he fell ill. According to Spain’s El Mundo, after […]

‘73% foreign born’: DHS terrorism report criticized for excluding domestic US attackers

The majority of people convicted of international terrorism-related offences in the US since the September 11 attacks have been “foreign-born”, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security. The report, part of an executive order that sought to tighten entry criteria into the US, states that 73 percent of 549 people found […]