High blood pressure: Avoid having these foods for breakfast to help lower your reading

HIGH blood pressure can lead to serious complications if left untreated. So to control your reading and to prevent the condition from developing in the first place it’s important to eat a healthy, balanced diet. For the first meal of the day, breakfast, what foods should you be avoiding?

Rheumatoid arthritis: Add these four foods to your diet to relieve joint pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis, causing pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. It usually affects the hands, feet and wrists, and may be worse during periods of flare-ups. According to the Arthritis Foundation, a Mediterranean diet is a suitable diet for people with arthritis to follow, due to […]

Stock up on These 9 Healthy Snack Foods to Boost Your Brainpower

Brain food is food that is beneficial to the brain. Like our skin and our stomachs, certain foods contribute to the nourishment and treating of these areas of the body. The brain also needs certain foods to help boost its power so that we are functioning at our best daily. We should be stocking up […]

15 Brain Foods You Should Be Eating Regularly to Keep Your Mind Sharp

These days there are so many food choices. Every marketing trick is used to make you buy brain foods, all-natural, fat-free or gluten-free products. Could you blame them? They need to make a profit to keep existing and delivering their goods to the consumers. But does this mean that foods with these labels are just […]