Manson follower responsible for brutal torture & murder recommended for parole in California

Robert Beausoleil, an acolyte of cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson, has been recommended for parole after serving nearly 50 years in prison for murder – a decision that has infuriated a relative of his victim. A California parole board said on Thursday that Beausoleil, 71, was suitable for release. He is currently serving […]

Twitter “bot” purge causes outcry from trollerati as follower counts fall

A number of “alt-right,” pro-Trump, and self-described conservative social media personalities awoke this morning to find that they had a lot fewer followers on Twitter than they had the night before. The apparent cause was the latest culling by Twitter of accounts that in some way violated the company’s terms of service, a Twitter spokesperson […]

Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole in California

Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 22:39 Patricia Krenwinkel, a convicted murderer and follower of cult leader Charles Manson, has been denied parole for a fourteenth time. She is California’s longest serving female prisoner. Krenwinkel, 69, was initially sentenced to death, before California abolished the death penalty, for her role in the infamous 1969 killing of […]

Why It Is Wrong to Glorify a Leader and Belittle a Follower

Is it bad to be a follower? We spend most of our young lives learning about the power of peer pressure and avoiding being called “sheep.” There’s a pervasive notion that being good at following others is a negative trait. Shouldn’t we desire to be mold-breaking, paradigm-subverting powerhouses? There’s no question that we need strong […]