Gorilla Glass-maker plans to produce glass suitable for folding iPhones

Enlarge / A folding phone by Oppo. (credit: Brian Shen) According to Wired, glass-maker Corning is “working on ultrathin, bendable glass that’s 0.1 millimeters thick and can bend to a 5 millimeter radius” that may be usable for smartphone displays within two years. Corning produces Gorilla Glass used in Apple’s iPhones, as well as in […]

TCL’s folding phone projects include a watch-like bracelet

Multiple companies have ideas as to how they’ll develop folding smartphones. TCL, however, isn’t content to settle on one — it’s seemingly tackling them all. CNET has obtained images and patent filings that show TCL exploring five foldable designs. Four of them are ultimately variants on a theme (folding horizontally or vertically, inward or outward), […]

Boeing’s folding wingtips get the FAA green light

Passengers on Boeing‘s new line of 777 planes might not have to take a bus from the gate across the tarmac, despite much larger wings potentially making it difficult for the aircraft to navigate terminals. That’s because the company received Federal Aviation Administration approval today for its folding wingtips — those will let the planes […]

ZTE may unveil a dual-screen folding phone in October

Weeks ago, sources told Venturebeat‘s Evan Blass that ZTE and AT&T had teamed up to release a dual-screen, unfoldable smartphone codenamed the Axon Multy. Today, Android Authority followed up with leaked screenshots of a similarly-designed phone, which sources claimed might be called the Axon M. Regardless, both sets of details imply that this is the […]

Today’s Best Deals: Folding Keyboard, Emergency Radio, USB-C Adapters

A folding Bluetooth keyboard, Amazon’s new protein sample box, and Reebok clearance items lead off Thursday’s best deals. Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Top Tech Deals iClever Folding Keyboard, $ 24 with code TMTFT97H iClever’s new folding Bluetooth keyboard is the only mobile keyboard I’ve ever actually […]

Get Real Work Done On Any Device With This $24 Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever Bluetooth Keyboard, $ 24 with code JKL4GH9Q There are times where you don’t want to lug around a laptop, but still want to get some actual work done on your phone or tablet. This folding Bluetooth keyboard gives you a full-sized typing experience and an ergonomic layout for banging out emails on any device […]