Groves vs Eubank Jr: Why do George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr not get on? Rivalry in focus

The two men differ in age by barely a year but have had quite different careers, Groves winning a world title last year after three times losing with a global strap on the line while Eubank Jr is only just now getting a shot at one. But they will face familiar foes tonight when they […]

Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition Is a Bright Orange Sign that Says: End of the Road

– Ford Focus RS production in Europe will cease on April 6, but before the factory machines are flicked to the off position, the company has one more treat for British fans of the souped-up hatchback. That treat is the color orange. To commemorate 50 years since the introduction of the original 1968 Ford Escort, the Heritage Edition […]

Purdue will stop forcefully pushing OxyContin, focus on constipation instead

Enlarge (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) Purdue Pharma LP, the maker of opioid painkiller OxyContin, said that it will stop aggressively promoting opioid painkillers directly to doctors—a practice many blamed for helping to create the epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose that has recently been killing an average of 115 Americans each day. According to Bloomberg, […]

5 Best Apps to Get You to Stay Focus and Beat Procrastination

Technology often takes the blame for keeping us from being productive. We often grow frustrated with notifications and emails for interfering with our lives. If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating, it may be time to stop blaming technology and start using it. Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle against […]

James Mangold’s ‘Logan’ Follow-Up Will Focus On Ford vs. Ferrari

Logan director James Mangold‘s new movie is finally taking shape. The filmmaker will helm the true story of the battle between designers at Ford and Ferrari to create the world’s fastest race car. More on Vroom vroom! More on James Mangold’s new movie below. James Mangold made one of the best superhero movies in recent memory and […]

Forget the Falcon Heavy’s payload and focus on where the rocket will go

Enlarge / Elon Musk speaks at a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. (credit: Brendan Hoffman/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Elon Musk appeared almost boyish back in April 2011 as he unveiled the Falcon Heavy rocket to a handful of reporters at the National Press Club. […]