The Air Force wants to fight its severe pilot shortage with a special career path for fliers

(US Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jensen Stidham) The head of Air Mobility Command says he keeps asking himself what he got the US Air Force into after working with the service to launch the Aviator Technical Track program. But Gen. Carlton Everhart is betting that the experimental program will have more benefits than costs at […]

‘Kill female soldiers’: Israel police probe anti-draft fliers in Ultra-Orthodox area of Jerusalem

Israeli authorities have launched a probe into posters calling for the killing of female soldiers and IDF commanders who draft ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jews to the army, local media report. The fliers were reportedly distributed in Mea Shearim, one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem populated mostly by Haredi Jews. Haredi is a collective notion […]

High fliers: Mega rich get their own private terminal at LAX (PHOTOS)

The ultra wealthy no longer have to mix with the ordinary folk at Los Angeles International Airport, thanks to a new $ 22 million private terminal that shows the rich really do live in a parallel world. While ordinary passengers tackle ‘2,200 footsteps’ through the hustle and bustle of check-ins, baggage, and crowded TSA lines, […]

Dozens of Anti-Semitic fliers appear at Chicago university campus

The University of Illinois, Chicago is investigating dozens of anti-Semitic posters circulating on its campus. Similar fliers have appeared on college campuses in California, Texas, and Maryland, accusing Jews of controlling a disproportionate amount of wealth in the United States. The fliers, which also reads, “Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege,” were found […]