Many consumers are skeptical about Amazon Go — first-day lines aside (AMZN)

Amazon Go could be model for future retail stores. The new convenience store concept from e-commerce giant Amazon relies on cameras and sensors to detect when you enter and leave and what items you grab from shelves. Instead of checking out, you get automatically billed for items as you pass through a special turnstile when you […]

The real lesson of that self-driving shuttle’s first-day accident

Enlarge / Officials announcing the driverless shuttle program in Las Vegas in January. (credit: Navya) Wednesday was supposed to be the triumphant launch of a free, driverless shuttle in downtown Las Vegas. Designed by French company Navya, operated by another French company called Keolis, and sponsored by the city and American Automobile Association, the year-long […]

Shuttle Down! Self-Driving-Shuttle Era Begins with a First-Day Crash in Las Vegas

– Within its first hours of operation in Las Vegas Wednesday, an autonomous shuttle bus that is part of a ballyhooed study of driverless vehicles on public roads was involved in a collision with a truck. No injuries were reported. – Details from the incident are still emerging. Members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police […]

Apple fans line up for iPhone X from Singapore to Palo Alto in first-day buying frenzy

A few weeks ago, as the iPhone 8 was about to go on sale, I wondered if we had seen the last of the Apple Store line ritual. LOL, nope! Today, as the iPhone X goes on sale, fans around the world have been waiting in long lines to be among the first to get […]

Here’s how many minutes you had to score a first-day iPhone X (AAPL)

Getty Preorders for the iPhone X opened early on Friday morning.  Right now, people who order an iPhone X from Apple will have to wait 5-6 weeks to have it delivered. Analyst Gene Munster found that first-day iPhone X deliveries in the United States from Apple were mostly sold out in 17 minutes, and were […]