As private-equity firms mature, the way they buy and sell is changing

“SELL in May and go away,” say the denizens of Wall Street, and to the usual summer lethargy is added the excuse of a heatwave. But for those working in private equity, there is no let-up. The “shops”, as private-equity funds like to call themselves, are stuffed with money and raising more: $ 1.1trn in […]

BlackRock, the $6 trillion money manager, had a crime-fighting robot patrolling its New York headquarters — and it marks the firm’s latest foray into automation

Rob Kim/Getty Images  BlackRock, the $ 6 trillion asset manager which is relying more on robots to make investment decisions, recently hired a physical robot to meander around its New York City headquarters. The robot, dubbed BLK Bot, left New York earlier this month and will be moved to the firm’s San Francisco offices soon.  […]

China-based hackers burrow inside satellite, defense, and telecoms firms

Enlarge (credit: US National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing.) An advanced hacking campaign originating in China has spent the past year infiltrating satellite operators, defense contractors, and telecoms companies in the US and Southeast Asia, researchers from Symantec said. The attackers specifically looked for and infected computers one target used to monitor […]

Read the letter 100 Microsoft staff reportedly sent to Satya Nadella protesting the firm’s $19 million deal with ICE

Getty Microsoft staff wrote to CEO Satya Nadella calling on the firm to cancel its $ 19.4 million contract with the US’s Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agency. They are dismayed at President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, in which families and children are separated after crossing the US-Mexico border illegally. The 100 staff said the […]

American firms will be hit hard by retaliatory tariffs

Riding for a fall “LOOK at all these bikers…we love the bikers!” declared the pre-presidential Donald Trump, surveying a crowd of motorcycle-owners gathered by the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, in 2016. Riders of Harley-Davidsons, in particular, have been among Mr Trump’s noisiest supporters since the early days of his campaign. Riders of “hogs” often […]

U.S. Firms Begin Letting Parents Bring Babies to Work

Tucked away near a winding river in the woods of Gilsum, New Hampshire, sits the headquarters of natural skincare company Badger Balm. Outside the windows is a picturesque landscape filled with rustic New England meadows and trees. Other than the view, Badger’s offices are like any other — cubicles, glowing computer screens — but with […]

How payments firms are upgrading their service offerings to meet evolving merchant demands

BII In an increasingly digitized world, brick-and-mortar retailers are facing immense pressure to understand and accommodate their customers’ changing needs, including at the point of sale (POS).  More than two years after the EMV liability shift in October 2015, most large merchants globally have upgraded their payment systems. And beyond upgrading to meet new standards, many […]

China tries to lure its tech firms into listing at home

FOR a country that is hugely proud of its high-flying tech firms, China has a funny way of showing it. None of its internet giants—not Alibaba, nor Tencent, nor Baidu—is listed on the domestic stockmarket. Rules that were supposed to help investors have had the perverse effect of forcing firms to go public abroad, mostly […]

This millionaire is suing Facebook over fraud adverts — and he’s shocked by the firm’s ‘deliberately obtuse’ response (FB)

Getty Millionaire consumer rights champion Martin Lewis is suing Facebook after claiming scammers are using his reputation to ensnare people in “get-rich-quick schemes” through fake ads. The TV star’s team has been surprised by Facebook’s “deliberately obtuse” response to being served with legal action, according to his attorney. He is pursuing exemplary damages against Facebook, […]

Keywords acquired 11 game services firms in 2017 as external development grows

You may not have heard about Keywords before, but it has become a big player behind the scenes in external game development. Headed by CEO Andrew Day, the company acquired 11 game development services companies in 2017. It has amassed more than 5,000 employees Keywords was founded as a game localization company in 1998 in […]