Bowel cancer warning – this is when you should be worried about finding blood in your poo

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to be diagnosed in the UK, according to the NHS. The disease mainly affects people over 60 years old, although the exact cause of the cancer isn’t known. Bowel cancer symptoms include a persistent abdominal pain, or a change in bowel habit. Finding blood […]

TV Bits: ‘L.A.’s Finest’, ‘DuckTales’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Pose’, ‘Finding Justice’ and More

In this edition of TV bits: That Bad Boys spin-off series now has a title Lin-Manuel Miranda is about to make his DuckTales debut Watch the first 3 minutes of the Fear the Walking Dead season premiere Antonique Smith joins Luke Cage season 2 A trailer for FX’s Pose Allison Pearson’s How Hard Can It Be? will be adapted for […]

‘That’s crazy, how could that be?’: Comey describes what he felt right after finding out he’d been fired

Screenshot/ABC News Former FBI director James Comey said his first thought after he read a letter from the White House telling him he had been fired was: “That’s crazy. How could that be?” Comey was in Los Angeles at the time and said that as he flew back to Washington, he drank red wine out […]

Cabin crew secrets: Top-secret plan when finding a BOMB on a plane revealed

Cabin crew members are trained to deal with every kind of emergency that could occur in the air. Whilst it is mainly dealing with drunk passengers, they must also prepare for the worst possible scenario of an explosive being found onboard. In 2015, a bomb was placed on a Russian plane which killed all 224 […]

Russian ships are skulking around undersea cables that power the internet, causing the US to worry the Kremlin is finding a new way to spy

Scanpix Denmark/Sarah Christine Noergaard via Reuters Russian ships have recently been active in the vicinity of vital undersea fiber-optic cables that power the internet, texts, calls, and the world’s financial transactions. The US and its allies worry the Kremlin might be taking information warfare to new depths. A naval commander said the US hadn’t seen […]

‘Free spirit’ Meghan Markle finding royal life ‘a little tough’ without this

Meghan Markle is the 36-year-old LA-native actress who won Prince Harry’s heart. The 33-year-old Prince and the Suits star will marry at Windsor Castle in May. Though she grew up in Hollywood, she is settling into royal life. The royals were joined by Meghan Markle at the Commonwealth Games on Monday. Although she makes a […]

Children are finding it harder to hold pencils because of technology, paediatricians have warned / Unsplash Doctors have warned that children may not be starting school with the ability to grip pencils properly. They say it could be because of the increased use of technology like iPads. Using tablets and computers could stop finger muscles developing in the right way so they can easily learn to use pencils […]

Finding Your Feet film review: A pleasant surprise

Thankfully, Finding Your Feet is such a pleasant surprise it almost makes up for last year’s Hampstead. Imelda Staunton is Sandra, a stuffy suburbanite who discovers her police chief husband Mike (John Sessions) is having an affair. After a humiliating confrontation at his retirement party Sandra has no choice but to bolt to the scruffy, […]

Finding Black Panther: Why Marvel’s African Superhero Matters Now More Than Ever

You don’t know me, but picture this: a smallish black boy, aged anywhere between 7 years old and 18 years old (because really, in my mind I grew very little growing up) on the floor of his small bedroom with my back propped against the small toy-box chest in my room. If you’re flying above […]