US leadership on climate change is slipping — but America’s cities are filling the void

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque The Trump administration is doing little to address rising global temperatures. But mayors across the US overwhelmingly believe that climate change is a result of human activities. Two-thirds of them even agree that cities should play a role in reducing the effects of climate change — even if it means making fiscal sacrifices. […]

WATCH: Pilot films plane filling with smoke only to CRASH LAND in a field

A viral video shows the moment a pilot was forced to crash land into a field after the cockpit of the plane filled with smoke. The pilot, who was a retired naval aviator, was flying with his son and his son’s girlfriend from Virgin to Alabama when the incident occurred. Three hours into the flight, […]

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Is a Box of Chocolates with Dark Filling [NYCC 2017]

“We are in competition with the news,” Charlie Brooker, writer/creator/executive producer of the Netflix series Black Mirror, addressed the uncomfortable truth about the drama’s darkest themes Saturday night at New York Comic Con in front of a standing room-only audience. I always thought it was funny when folks would remark on how far the dystopia […]

TOP OIL TRADER: Trump’s border tax would make filling your car up with gas more expensive

Portia Crowe/Business Insider A top oil trader is counting on President Donald Trump’s border tax to increase oil prices – helping American producers while hurting American car drivers. “If the tax is adopted, WTI could move to a $ 10 [per barrel] premium to Brent providing a substantial economic advantage to US producers,” according to an investment outlook from […]