VIDEO: Surveillance footage captures driver bursting through the windshield in a fiery SUV crash in Florida

Screenshot via WFLA Surveillance video captured a fiery SUV crash in Florida that launched a driver out of the windshield of the vehicle. The white Cadillac SUV collided with a toll booth in Osceola County on June 3. Police told a local news station the driver may have been “fatigued.” The driver was lying motionless […]

Piers Morgan passionately DEFENDS 'heroic' Winston Churchill in fiery TV CLASH

Piers Morgan and Afua Hirsch got into a heated debate over Winston Churchill’s status as a British historical hero. The Good Morning Britain host slammed Ms Hirsch’s attempts to “besmirch” Churchill with claims suggesting the former PM was racist. Mr Morgan said: “The problem is that you take national heroes who have done extraordinary things […]

NTSB investigating deaths of Florida teens in fiery Tesla crash

Two teenagers were killed on Tuesday after the Tesla car they were traveling in crashed and caught fire in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police said on Wednesday. A preliminary investigation showed a 2014 Tesla Model S drove off the roadway and struck a concrete wall, immediately catching fire, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said. Speed is […]

The Pilgrimage Is A Humorous Text Adventure Across A Fiery Far-Future Earth

The text adventure has been quietly thriving for years, most notably through IFComp and Twine but also in fascinating titles like Counterfeit Monkey, Hadean Lands, or the recent illustrated re-release of Anchorhead. The Pilgrimage, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, looks to be another promising addition to the genre, promising a sarcastically-toned journey through the places […]

China’s out-of-control space station will soon fall to a fiery doom — and no one is sure where its pieces will crash

Aerospace Corporation A Chinese space station called Tiangong-1, or “Heavenly Palace,” is about to crash to Earth. The 9.4-ton spacecraft is expected to fall from the sky Sunday morning, break up, and sprinkle debris over Earth’s surface. Objects as large as Tiangong-1 can tumble and “skip” off the atmosphere, experts say. That and other factors […]

Fiery car crash at Travis Air Force Base reportedly treated as terrorist attack

An incident at an air base in Northern California is reportedly being treated as a terrorist attack by US authorities, including the FBI and Air Force. A vehicle caught fire after breaching the main gate of Travis Air Base. Read more The car was full of propane tanks, according to local media. The vehicle erupted […]

North and South Korea are turning down the volume on their fiery rhetoric toward each other

Korea Pool-Donga Daily via Getty Images North and South Korea operate propaganda loudspeakers along the Demilitarized Zone. In the last few months, broadcasts have softened in both tone and volume. South Korea is playing less aggressive content and focusing on broadcasting more content about a unified Korea. While all eyes are on Pyeongchang for the […]

Leicester wins fiery battle

Video Leicester wins fiery battle1:28 Premier League: Leicester has overcome Watford with a convincing 2-0 win January 21st 2018 2 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Football Keeper jags absurd 70m goal0:46 January 21st 2018 2 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Fans turn up at Ajax training0:33 January 21st 2018 5 hours ago /display/ […]

‘Put this lunacy in check’: Trump’s fiery tweet sparks swift backlash

Drew Angerer/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s fiery tweet in which he touted a “bigger & more powerful” nuclear button prompted swift backlash from national-security experts, lawmakers, and former government officials on Tuesday night. Critics said Trump’s remarks were juvenile, and others called for his resignation. President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he rhetorically touted a […]