‘Climax’ Trailer: Director Gaspar Noé is Back with a Hypnotic Fever Dream

Provocateur director Gaspar Noé has built his career on scandalous movies like I Stand Alone, Enter the Void, Irreversible, and Love. Now he’s back with Climax, a trippy drama about a group of dancers who drink spiked sangria, and some critics are calling it his best movie yet. Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, The […]

Hay fever symptoms – is this the cure for pollen allergy? How to get immunotherapy jabs

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen – a fine powder that comes from plants, according to the NHS. Patients usually have a reaction to pollen if it comes into contact with their mouth, nose, eyes or throat. Hay fever symptoms can include watery eyes, loss of smell, headaches, and a blocked nose. The […]

Hay fever: Areas in the UK worst hit by pollen – and how to avoid symptoms

Hay fever symptoms are triggered when the pollen count is high, and with British summer fast approaching, sufferers may be interested to know what areas of the UK tend to be worst hit. Grass pollen is the main trigger for hay fever, with the season running from late May until early August. But hay fever […]

Everything Is Going To Be OK’s Final Update Brings Personal Exploration & A Fever Dream OS

Everything is going to be OK, a beautifully surreal and darkly funny game of healing tragedy through humor as best we can, has received one final update. In it, players can lose themselves in a ‘fever dream OS’, exploring the developer’s own vulnerabilities, the sensations of an OS that doesn’t necessarily want the ‘player’ there, […]

Hay fever: One in six believe the common allergy problem is spread like a COLD

The forecaster urged sufferers to check pollen levels daily throughout the summer to help monitor their condition. Of 2,000 British people surveyed, 16 per cen thought hay fever could be passed from person to person. Around a fifth (21 per cent) did not realise a runny nose could be a symptom of hay fever and one in […]