Special Briefing: The Future of Fertility

WHAT TO KNOW What’s happening? One in 7 couples worldwide struggles with infertility, and the medical industry aimed at helping them is now worth $ 16.7 billion. That’s not just in vitro fertilization — it includes delving into the causes of infertility, like plummeting sperm counts and endometriosis. OZY’s peeked into the labs of some […]

How This Fertility Guru Is Set to Ease the Pain of 176M Women

Heather Bowerman is on the verge of a breakthrough. Her company is poised to release the first noninvasive test for endometriosis — the agonizing uterus condition that affects tens of millions worldwide and renders many infertile. For the first time, she believes, these women can dare to hope for better than a decade-long wait and […]

‘So many of us were cheated’: Fertility clinic storage tank failures forge lost legacies, heartbreak

Hundreds of women and couples have learned that the eggs and embryos they froze for eventual use in starting or expanding a family may have been destroyed by storage tank failures March 4 at two fertility clinics in suburban Cleveland and San Francisco.

Fertility warning: Antihistamines linked to fertility problems in men

An Argentinian study found these commonly-taken drugs could have negative long-term side effects for male fertility.The review, which is published in the journal Reproduction, found a number of studies reported adverse effects of antihistamine on normal testicular function. They discovered antihistamines were likely to affect the production of male sexual hormones in the testicles, which […]