Doctors fear urgent care centers are wildly overusing antibiotics—for profit

Enlarge / Here, have some antibiotics. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) Popular urgent care centers may be the biggest—and most overlooked—culprits in the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in clinics, according to a new analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine. Based on insurance claims from patients with employee-sponsored coverage, researchers estimated that about 46 percent of patients who […]

Floating whales, apple picking, and kitten rescue: how this VR therapist helps people conquer fear of heights

Oxford VR Oxford VR, a spin-out company of Oxford University, has developed an automated virtual reality programme which can help people conquer their fear of heights. The programme features a virtual therapist called Nic, who coaches people through various challenges like picking apples or rescuing a cat from a tree. The results of the first […]

Fist fight causes evacuation at US mall, shoppers fear active shooter (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

Terrified shoppers ran for their lives in a California mall after a mass brawl sparked panic that led some people to believe that there was an active shooter in the area. A vicious fist fight on Saturday caused an evacuation in Ontario Mills food court, with people reportedly running for the exits. The sudden hysteria […]

Fear and loathing: Trump aides advised to arm themselves, as leftist rage escalates

As resistance to the Trump administration moves from Twitter to the streets, many on the right are anticipating that protests will turn violent. Trump’s aides, they say, should arm themselves. Last weekend saw chanting protesters camped outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s house; White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders booted from a Virginia restaurant with […]

To successfully integrate AI, break through the fear barrier

GUEST: Artificial intelligence has a hype problem. The technology earns attention for its rapid developments and unique applications, but there is still a major gap when it comes to real-world implementations. In fact, Gartner data shows that while nearly half of CIOs plan to use AI, only 4 percent have actually started to implement the […]

What can a really long walk in the Alps teach you about life, fear and laziness?

Jonathan Arlan June 13, 2018 Share this article In the summer of 2015, having never walked particularly far before, Jonathan Arlan decided to walk 400 miles through the French Alps, a trip that would become the focus of his debut book, Mountain Lines, and leave him with a few pearls of wisdom. I’ve told the story […]

Tottenham fear boss Mauricio Pochettino will replace Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid

Tottenham fear they will be hit by the fall out after Pochettino was identified as the man the Spanish giants want to replace him. Spurs are in a position of almost total power however as Pochettino signed a new five-year contract only last week. That gave the Argentinian a £3million pay rise, taking his salary […]

Do You Have Fear of Abandonment? (Signs and Ways to Overcome It)

There are some people that will have affairs because of their fear of abandonment. That may make zero sense to you, but here is why — they have such a deep fear of abandonment in their current relationship that they pursue outside relationships simultaneously, so that they have a back up relationship in case something […]

Fear TWD Recap: Nick's Life After Death — Plus, Laura's True Identity Revealed

“You think you know what happened; you don’t,” Fear the Walking Dead’s Strand warned Al in Sunday’s haunting — and haunted — episode. And, more and more, the AMC drama was giving us the feeling that we didn’t know what had happened at the baseball diamond, either. So, read on, and not only will we go […]