Catholic priests must resist ‘fashionable’ homosexuality or leave clergy – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has bemoaned the allure of “fashionable” homosexuality, stressing that gay priests must forever remain in the closet – or leave the Catholic Church. Read more The pontiff likens homosexuality to a modern – and apparently dangerous – trend in his new book, ‘The Strength of a Vocation’, which is set to be released […]

How sherry got its groove back: The Spanish fortified wine is fashionable once again

GETTY Majestic reported a surge in sales of sherry by more than 40% this year We tend to associate the tipple with our parents, grandparents and maiden aunts.  Ask most people to give an opinion and they will dismiss sherry as something sweet and alcoholic to be sipped under sufferance or poured into a retro […]

James Cameron ‘IRRITATED’ by Titanic haters: 'It's become fashionable like with Star Wars'

The 1997 classic may be the second highest-grossing film of all time and have won 11 Oscars, but it’s still cool to hate Titanic. Now in a recent interview, director Cameron was asked if the trend irritated him. Speaking with Empire, he said: “It became fashionable to say you didn’t like Star Wars for a […]

The Style Guru Transforming Techies From Frumpy to Fashionable

Something is missing from the Giorgio Armani store in San Jose, and not just the price tags. Sandwiched between Versace, Balenciaga and other tongue-twisting fashion linchpins, this tony boutique sports the sleek minimalism of an Apple Store. But then Joseph Rosenfeld saunters in, peppy as a cheerleader. All is now right. Today at the high-watt […]