Countryfile on BBC: Matt Baker’s Somerset farming segment leaves fans FUMING

Countryfile was back on BBC One this evening, and fans of the show were eager to settle into yet another episode. The episode was centred in Somerset and saw presenters Matt Baker and Adam Henson visit a section of farms in the area. However, viewers were quickly left frustrated by the programme as Matt spent […]

7 million people in China left cities to move to rural areas and take up farming last year, and it reveals a growing trend

VCG/VCG via Getty Images A rising number of educated urbanites in China are choosing to wave goodbye to city life and head back to the land. “Reverse urbanization” is picking up as infrastructure improves in remote areas. Last year the Ministry of Agriculture announced that seven million people had returned to the countryside from cities. […]

Former agriculture secretary: The 2018 farm bill is so much more than farming — here’s how it impacts all Americans

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson The 2018 farm bill is a vital piece of legislation that is often overlooked in Washington.  It covers much more than just farms and farmers — every farm bill also affects conservation, trade, nutrition, jobs and infrastructure, agricultural research, forestry and energy. Since the turn of the year, Congress and the Trump administration […]