‘Ship Shape: How Your Favorite Pairs From This Is Us, Jane, The Resident, Riverdale and Other Shows Are Faring

Here at TVLine, we don’t just report on revivals — we can create our own, too! Case in point: We’re shaking the dust off ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature we first introduced back in 2013 (simpler times…) to track the relationship statuses of our favorite TV couples. This romance report is being resurrected as we approach […]

Narendra Modi wants to boost formalisation. How is he faring?

WATCHING money drain from your bank account has never been so much fun. On WhatsApp, a messaging service ubiquitous in India, sending rupees is now as easy as posting a selfie. Set-up is a breeze, because all Indian banks have been corralled onto a common payment platform on which anyone, from Google and Samsung to […]

How female founders are faring in the Midwest

GUEST: Women remain underrepresented in tech, even as the industry tries to address jaw-dropping statistics about their absence in tech’s upper echelon. Less than 3 percent of female founders raised venture capital in 2017, even though in the first quarter of 2017 17 percent of startups reported having a female founder. On the venture capital side, […]

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is faring better than Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp

Manchester United have been in the spotlight over the past week after their 2-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday. After the game, Mourinho was condemned. His tactics, team selection and negative state of mind was all said to have cost his side dear. Meanwhile, on the same weekend, Liverpool failed to beat Everton in […]

How GameStop is faring as a video game publisher

GameStop has more than 7,000 retail stores for selling games, but it has also diversified into publishing games under its GameTrust label. Instead of competing head-on with game publishers, the company is going after games that might otherwise not get published or not get noticed. It is targeting titles from seasoned independent game developers whose […]