Irish bookmaker Paddy Power confirms takeover talks with fantasy sports company FanDuel after landmark US ruling

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for FanDuel Paddy Power Betfair confirms takeover talks with US fantasy sports startup FanDuel. Talks are ongoing and a deal is not guaranteed. The talks come after a landmark ruling from the US Supreme Court on Monday that opens the door for legalised sports betting in the US. LONDON — Irish bookmaker […]

Tactically Battle Across A Dark Fantasy Landscape In Urtuk:The Desolation

Barbarians and lanky warriors wage battle on a hand-drawn hex map, over a dying world where the once great Giants have gone extinct and a mutating pestilence sweeps the land. This is the world of Urtuk:The Desolation, an upcoming turn-based strategy RPG. You play as the titular Urtuk, an escapee from the infamous Sanatorium on […]

Itta Combines Bullet Hell Action With Otherworldly Fantasy Adventure

Waking up besides a dead family, armed with your father’s revolver and a strange cat, Itta sets you out on a journey of revenge across the island of Jigoku, in a far-future fantasy bullet-hell adventure inspired by the first Zelda and Titan Souls. The former inspiration means Jigoku is a sprawling environment filled with mysterious […]

Financial Freedom is Not a Fantasy: 9 Secrets to Get You There

Have you ever considered your life now, and how it would be if you had more time to spend with your family and less worries about money? Nowadays, financial stress is one of the most troublesome weights in life. If you’ve ever encountered financial stress, you know the difficulty of not having enough income to […]

Holograms were the fantasy; VR and AR are the reality

Like flying cars and robot assistants, holograms have spent almost my entire life being “only a few years away” from ubiquity. The hologram rush began whenNational Geographic featured 3D skulls, eagles, and globes on the covers of its magazines. Naturally, as the sci-fi concept had finally become somewhat tangible, people began to assume that holographic TVs would […]

Kristen Bell Enlists in Musical ‘Fantasy Camp’ For STX Entertainment

Kristen Bell is heading to Fantasy Camp. The actress, who broke out with Veronica Mars and has since gone on to star in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bad Moms, will star in STX’s Entertainment’s new musical comedy. Learn more about Bell’s newest starring role below. Fantasy Camp The Hollywood Reporter says Bell has […]

Square Enix news: Kingdom Hearts 3 Marvel request, Final Fantasy 7 Remake release update

The Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is still not know, although fans are hoping for a big announcement soon. Square Enix have teased in the past that they will be revealing some projects in the Spring, ahead of E3 2018. And this could include the Kingdom Hearts launch, which is apparently scheduled for 2018. The […]

Spotify’s challenge is to prove it’s a real business, not a fantasy

Three months after quietly filing to become a public company, Spotify finally made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday. It was a big day for the Swedish music-streaming giant, to say the least, and it ended up exceeding expectations from Wall Street analysts on its first day of trading. But for many […]