Quantitative easing draws to a close, despite a faltering economy

CENTRAL BANKING can be agonising. The effect of monetary policy on the economy is not immediate, so decisions must be based on expectations for two years’ time. That means putting faith in forecasts that could well turn out to be wrong. Some soul-searching might be expected at the monetary-policy meeting of the European Central Bank […]

Nigeria's Opposition Preys on President Buhari's Weakness: A Faltering Economy

Opposition candidates seeking to unseat Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, are attacking his economic record and treatment of foreign investors as election season intensifies in Africa’s most populous country. Four members of Buhari’s own party who have defected to the opposition to challenge him are pitching themselves as more business-minded candidates who can jump-start a sluggish […]

Faltering BMW i3 Gets Bigger Battery, Better Range for 2019

Originally dubbed the “Mega City Vehicle,” BMW’s i3 garnered a lot of positive attention for its modern styling and adherence to alternative-energy powertrains when it launched in 2014. This did not translate into sales, however. As its former name implies, the i3 isn’t incredibly useful outside of an urban environment due to its meager range. […]

The one Yahoo meme that perfectly represents the faltering company

(credit: Know Your Meme) Now that Yahoo is on the verge of being eaten by Verizon, it’s hard to remember that the troubled company was once an innovative startup. But Yahoo rocketed to popularity after building the first directory for “homepages” on the 1990s information superhighway. Later, it became a giant of the Web 2.0 […]