Poll shows older Americans are worse at differentiating facts from opinions than younger people

Scott Olson/Getty Images Americans over the age of 50 are worse at differentiating facts from opinions than younger ones, according to findings from a Pew Research Center study. Researchers gave participants ten statements, five of which were facts, and five others that were opinions. The results showed that 32% of the people aged 18 to […]

‘Fake news’ v ‘alternative facts’? Libertarian presidential hopeful on Facebook censorship

Facebook’s strategy to provide “alternative facts” to combat “fake news” will only result in political censorship that will cater for the interests of the Democratic Party, the Libertarians’ presidential hopeful told RT. The world’s largest social media platform is now focusing its efforts on serving millions of their users with “alternative facts,” Facebook COO Sheryl […]

5 Fun Facts About Singapore That ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Fans Will Appreciate

5 Fun Facts About Singapore That ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Fans Will Appreciate Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This […]

The Facts of Life's Charlotte Rae Dead at 92, Remembered by Costars

Charlotte Rae, best known for her role as Mrs. Garrett on both Diff’rent Strokes and its spinoff The Facts of Life, has died at the age of 92. Rae was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer seven years ago, and in April 2017, she revealed that she had bone cancer. Rae’s first major TV role came when she was […]

Top 10 facts about guinea pigs

For details, see facebook.com/GuineaPigAppreciationDay. In the meantime, here are some guinea pig facts. 1. Guinea pigs are not pigs and do not come from Guinea. It is unclear how they got their name. They are a South American animal, while Guinea is in West Africa. 2. Guinea hogs however are no relation but are a […]

World Cup: Top 10 facts about FIFA’s international football tournament

1. The Jules Rimet Trophy for the World Cup is named after the Frenchman who was President of FIFA from 1921-1954. 2. Jules Rimet served as an officer in the French Army during the First World War and was awarded a Croix de Guerre. 3. The trophy was stolen in London in the run-up to […]

Sweden: Top 10 facts about this Scandinavian nation

1. Sweden has the highest number of McDonald’s restaurants per capita in Europe. 2. Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest six times. Only Ireland (seven) has more wins. 3. Ikea was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. An average of 1,836,000 meatballs are eaten daily in Ikea’s 313 stores worldwide. 4. In […]