Piers Morgan rages at Extinction Rebellion founder ‘Practice what you preach!

Good Morning Britain wasn’t on television screens for long this morning because of the Rugby World Cup coverage, but during the two hours it did air, presenter Piers Morgan caused a storm when he got into an extremely heated debate with the Extinction Rebellion founder over the climate change protests which are currently dominating the […]

Like Manual Transmissions, Handbrakes Are Also Hurtling Towards Extinction

We’ve long bemoaned the death of the manual transmission. But with few practical advantages other than being more enjoyable to a limited subset of the population, it’s quickly (and understandably) slipping into obscurity. It’s not alone. Based on research conducted by online automotive marketplace CarGurus, the good ol’ handbrake is also rapidly losing relevance as […]

Japanese ‘facing extinction’ as humans turn to silicon sex dolls (VIDEO)

As Japan’s birth rates fell below the 1 million mark last year, experts have pointed the finger at the rising popularity of sex dolls for singletons. The issue is the focus of the RT documentary ‘Substitutes,’ in which experts warn that sex dolls are fueling a national mood of loneliness and alienation, making people less […]

Extinction review: Shadow of the colossal disappointment

Enlarge / The towering Ravenii are impressive to look at, less so to fight. (credit: Iron Galaxy Studios) At my most reductive, I’d call Extinction one long string of escort missions. The game struggles and claws to add more variety, in small ways, but it never shakes up or fleshes out its core rhythm enough […]

‘Extinction’ Headed to Netflix After Being Pulled From Theaters

In what seems to be a continuing trend, Extinction has become the latest film once intended for theatrical release to find itself sold to Netflix. The film, starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, was pulled by Universal from its theatrical release two months ago. Now, it will skip theaters entirely and end up on everyone’s favorite streaming […]

Autonomous cars could drive auto insurance to extinction

GUEST: In a 2015 interview, Elon Musk pointed out that recent advances in auto technology could lead to human-operated vehicles becoming illegal someday. While this may seem ludicrous to some, it could play out sooner than you think. By 2025 — just a few short years away — the auto industry’s autonomous segment is projected […]

6th mass extinction event could happen by 2100 – study finds

Over the past 540 million years Earth has suffered five mass extinction events, the worst of which wiped out more than 9 per cent of marine life on the planet. A new study has suggested that the next such catastrophe might not be too far away. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) geophysicist and mathematician, Daniel […]

The Ends of the World is page-turner about mass extinction

Enlarge (credit: Ecco) The Ends of the World, Peter Brannen’s masterful non-fiction debut, might be just the book to give to that uncle of yours who still wants to argue about climate change (or even, to your US Representative). But first, read it yourself. It’s a page turner. The book’s premise is mind-bendingly vast: a […]