EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi to expose Kush's cheating secret to Denise Fox?

Viewers have seen Kush (played by Davood Ghadami) struggling lately as he’s become very withdrawn and taken to drinking heavily on BBC soap EastEnders. The problem reached new heights in Tuesday’s episode at Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) restaurant opening where it looked as though he was about to sleep with Talia, a new worker at […]

Alleged WikiLeaks source who helped expose CIA hacking tricks faces 135 years in prison

A former CIA and NSA programmer has been charged with stealing and leaking classified information and with possessing child pornography. Joshua Adam Schulte is thought to be behind WikiLeaks’ exposure of the CIA’s hacking arsenal. Schulte, 29, worked in the CIA’s Engineering Development Group, tasked with designing the clandestine tools used by the US intelligence […]

Netflix picks up ‘The Big Short’ author’s Wall Street exposé

Michael Lewis might not be a household name, but he probably should be. Lewis is the best-selling author behind the Oscar-nominated film adaptation Moneyball and prize-winning drama The Big Short. Keen to tap into that success is Netflix, which has just picked up the rights to his controversial exposé Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. […]

The Walking Dead season 8 news: Helicopter owner REVEALED as fans expose BIG clue?

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead saw a desperate Jadis (played by Pollyanna McIntosh) confirming her knowledge of the mysterious helicopter. Whilst enthralled in a confrontation with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Jadis resorted to lighting a flare to notify the overhead helicopter of her whereabouts. This hinted that she may have had more to […]

Toxic nothingburger: Cambridge Analytica exposé is dangerous political attack posing as journalism

Seeing Donald Trump’s media and political critics, who for years feted “big data,” suddenly pretend it’s a crime, is hard to stomach. And the feigned outrage is being used as a weapon of establishment control over social media. READ MORE: US Federal Trade Commission to probe Facebook for use of personal data – Bloomberg Before […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster and Simon connection REVEALED as fans expose secret plot

Emmerdale butler Graham (played by Andrew Scarborough) swiftly became a fan-favourite on the ITV soap after his introduction last year, particularly when it became clear that he was the moral compass between himself and his boss Joseph Tate (Ned (Porteous). Yet the last week has seen Joseph get more and more suspicious of his trusted […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Fans expose truth behind Eliza's bruises with VERY unlikely culprit

Last week spoilers revealed that Priya Sharma (played by Fiona Wade) was about to become accused of child abuse on Emmerdale in a harrowing new storyline. The harrowing plot kicked off on the ITV soap last week with Priya’s day from hell, which resulted in her losing her temper against her own daughter Amba and […]

Damning report to expose FBI’s Andrew McCabe leaking and misleading watchdog

Andrew McCabe, the former number two at the FBI, leaked information about Clinton’s emails probe to the press and later misled watchdog investigators, according to a Justice Department review due to be released next month.   McCabe authorized the leak to the Wall Street Journal for a story about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton […]