Guns, explosives, submarines & cocaine: US charges Honduran president’s brother

Tony Hernandez, a former Honduran congressman and brother of the country’s sitting president, has been convicted of drug smuggling, possession of firearms and connections to “deadly and dangerous” gangs from Mexico and Colombia. The US attorney general and DEA announced Monday that Tony Hernandez has been charged with “conspiring to import cocaine”, possession of “machineguns […]

Explosives thrown at home of SF’s Gerry Adams, while Derry rioting blamed on ‘New’ IRA

A week of rioting and violence across Northern Ireland culminated in explosive devices being thrown at the Belfast homes of prominent Sinn Fein activists, including the party’s former leader Gerry Adams. The home of the republican Bobby Storey, who previously served as the party’s chairman in Northern Ireland, was also targeted. Read more The Police […]

Texas woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Texas governor

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP A Texas woman is charged with mailing booby-trapped explosives to President Barack Obama, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a federal office. One of the packages contained hair that a FBI crime lab matched to one of the woman’s cats. The woman pleaded not guilty. (Reuters) – A Houston-area woman has been charged with […]

Guns & explosives cache found in Kiev during turbulent mass protest

Published time: 18 Oct, 2017 03:41 The Ukrainian police force has reported finding a cache of assault rifles, ammo and explosives in the capital Kiev. Security officials say the weapons could have been used during Tuesday’s mass protest in the city center. The weapons were discovered during an ongoing investigation, according to a statement from […]

Paris police arrest ‘radicalized’ person after finding explosives outside residential building

Thomson Reuters PARIS (Reuters) – France’s interior minister said on Tuesday police had arrested a number of people after the discovery of an explosive device outside a residential building in Paris last weekend. One of those arrested was “radicalized”, he said, a likely reference to Islamist militancy. Minister Gerard Collomb, speaking on public radio station […]

Explosives in Dortmund bus attack could have come from German military – report

The explosives used in the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus may have come from the German military, local media report, citing sources close to the investigation. Around 100 investigators from the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) are looking into the incident, one of whom spoke to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper on […]

Police ‘can’t confirm’ reports of explosives found in Stockholm attack truck

Published time: 8 Apr, 2017 07:24Edited time: 8 Apr, 2017 08:59 A “bag of explosives” was reportedly uncovered in the wreckage of the truck used in the Stockholm attack which killed four. Police officials could not immediately confirm the reports by local media. Read more A police bomb squad was spotted at the site of […]

German high-rise spectacularly demolished by 250kg of explosives (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Mar, 2017 01:47 The 18-story tall Bonn-Center building in Germany was brought crashing down by 250 kilos of explosives. The landmark building, that has towered over the city of Bonn for nearly 50 years, was demolished in seconds on Sunday as residents looked on at it’s spectacular implosion. [embedded content] The rumbles […]

55,000 ton building flattened in seconds with 500lbs of explosives in Atlanta (VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Mar, 2017 08:39 An iconic 37 year-old, 55,000 ton archive building in Atlanta, Georgia, known locally as the “white ice cube,” was flattened on Sunday with ruthless efficiency… and it was all captured on camera. [embedded content] Some 500 pounds (226 kilograms) of explosives were detonated to bring down the Hammond Exchange […]