How ‘Sorry To Bother You’ Explores the Pitfalls of Capitalism

“An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.” Boots Riley’s film Sorry To Bother You is a film people have been buzzing about for […]

‘Adrian’ Explores The Stories Found In The Trenches Of World War One

Adrian takes players into the trenches of World War One, tasking them with delivering a message to Colonel Coreau after communication has been cut off due to German shelling. While doing so, players can talk to the soldiers who’ve been trapped in this cruel stalemate for years, learning about the experiences they’ve had as they […]

Knuckle Sandwich Demo Explores Odd Jobs, Minigame-Based Combat, General Nonsense

Knuckle Sandwich, the super-serious RPG of holding down a crummy job while dealing with disappearances around town, now has a new demo out that will let players experience its minigame-based RPG combat and goofy sense of humor for themselves. Ever landed an attack in an RPG by petting dogs, dancing, guiding hands through a maze, […]

Cranleigh: Claire Hewitt explores the largest village in England on two wheels

The bustling village high street is a pretty mix of Tudor and Victorian red-brick gabled properties, housing an array of quirky gift shops and tearooms. It’s perfect for browsing before heading out to explore the country houses, footpaths and cycle routes that criss-cross the undulating woodland, rising to the Surrey Hills’ peak at Leith Hill. […]

Visual Out explores the inside of an old computer on March 15

In Visual Out, you play as a software program navigating the guts of a dying computer. But it’s nothing like the sleek neon lines of certain sci-fi interpretations of cyberspace. Instead, indie developer MadameBerry created her environment from the building blocks of obsolete tech — beige-grays and muted colors, blocks and glitches, and a low-res filter […]

All Female-Led Short Film ‘Pink Trailer’ Explores Girlhood in LA

You can see LA-based actress, writer, and filmmaker Mary Neely in the upcoming remake of Martha Coolidge’s Valley Girl, the 1983 film that stars baby-faced Nicolas Cage as a Hollywood punk who falls for Deborah Foreman’s Valley girl, despite disapproval from her straight-laced friends and family. We can see how Neely would be inspired by […]

All Our Asias Explores Race & Identity Through A Dying Father’s Memories

All Our Asias takes players on a journey through a dying man’s mind, getting to know him and the protagonist, Yuito, through the memories we see, the people we meet, and the moments we reflect upon. In doing so, we can help Yuito understand himself and his place in the world a little bit better, […]

In Other Waters Explores The Depths Of An Alien Ocean Through An AI’s Sensors

From Abzu to Subnautica, the ocean is often a place of vibrant mysteries. In Other Waters is no less mysterious, but takes a far more minimalist approach to its alien depths, presenting its shallows and wrecks and unknown species from the detached perspective of sensors and scanners. As the AI guidance systems for stranded xenobiologist […]

US military explores using sea life to spot threats

The sea is potentially full of undersea military threats, and that makes it daunting to detect them all using hardware. The scale and cost would be utterly impractical. DARPA, however, has a potential workaround: make sea life do the work. It recently launched a Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors program (yes, that shortens to PALS) that […]