A photographer traveled the world to explore over 100 abandoned locations in 6 months — and the photos are incredible

Courtesy of Simon Yeung Simon Yeung spent the last six months traveling the world to photograph abandoned places. These pictures provide glimpses into locations people don’t usually get to see. His photographs have garnered over 14,000 followers on Instagram.   Abandoned places are eerie and enticing, but many of us wouldn’t venture in to see […]

A Patagonian puzzle: Why does no-one stay to explore the world’s southernmost city?

Matthew Teller August 16, 2018 Share this article It’s the world’s southernmost city and the gateway to Antarctica—but why does nobody stick around in Ushuaia? Matthew Teller went exploring and discovered a town that had forgotten its own story. Down here, you can almost feel the edge of the earth pulling you forward. Nailed onto […]

Explore Mechanism’s Eerie Mechanical Lands As A Lonely Robot

In a dark, dystopian future, a robot finds itself in a world plagued with a disease called “Phlegm” (Ew). In Mechanism, take control of this plucky little robot and try to figure out the mystery of this terrible future. From dodging the disease of Phlegm to solving riddles, this robot will have to do some […]

Beyond Blue Challenges Players To Explore Under The Sea

The gorgeous depths of the ocean has attracted players for years, perhaps most recently in the terrifying darkness of SOMA and the vibrant life of Abzu and Subnautica. Beyond Blue leans more toward the latter’s wonders of nature, but its realistic blue abyss and resource management means exploring the game’s near-future ocean is no simple […]

Colin Firth and Julie Walters Explore Marc Munden’s ‘The Secret Garden’ Remake

The Secret Garden will bloom once again. The Secret Garden remake is in the works, with Marc Munden (Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams) helming the “fantastical reimagining” of Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s classic children’s novel. And it already has the perfect, quintessentially British cast led by Colin Firth and Julie Walters. Firth and Walters are set to star in The Secret Garden remake […]

Explore pleasure-packed Connaught Village and discover another side of London

PH Connaught Village is full of top boutique shops and eateries Part of the Hyde Park Estate, Connaught Village’s elegant early 19th century architecture and exclusive green squares blend into a surprising leafy haven in the heart of the West End. Home to an exclusive mix of independent retailers Lucy Choi sells beautiful footwear made […]

Trip-Spiration: Explore, Relax and Drink Beer in Ireland

Trip-Spiration: Explore, Relax and Drink Beer in Ireland Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include […]

Bay Area: Join us 3/21 to explore the future of video game design

Enlarge / Tracy Fullerton is the director of USC’s Game Innovation Lab and has created a number of indie games that experiment with game design and storytelling. (credit: Tracy Fullerton) After nearly 50 years of innovation, where are video games headed next? Ars Technica Live returns with guest Tracy Fullerton, an award-winning, experimental game designer […]

Woodfarer Challenges Players To Explore While Rescuing Spirits

Woodfarer places players in control of an adventurous bird-like creature tasked with collecting three spirits spread across pretty post-apocalyptic forests. Players will be able to traverse these woods and discover interesting sights on their journey, but may have to deal with losing their way, as well as pesky foes, at the same time! Stumbling through […]

Explore the overlooked destination of Greece's Peloponnese

GETTY The Greek Peloponnese isn’t on everyone’s list but has a real pull Until recently, it wasn’t on my radar either. In fact, it wasn’t until a friend’s family trekked the Peloponnese, and fell so in love with the region that they moved there, that I began planning a trip of my own. Luckily, it’s […]