The Handmaid's Tale Finale: EP Explains June's Agonizing Decision, Serena's Horrific Loss and More

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from the Season 2 finale of The Handmaid’s Tale. Proceed accordingly, under His eye. If you can just get past the constant fear that Elisabeth Moss’ character is doomed to die a sex slave in a patriarchal hellscape, The Handmaid’s Tale executive producer Bruce Miller says, the Hulu drama really […]

Martin Lewis explains how to protect yourself from online and mobile scams

Sadly I’ve been engaged in this world personally, as my image has been used across social media and online advertising, to try and dupe vulnerable people. I’m fighting it as hard as I can. Yet as these con artists get more professional we all need to get more vigilant. Here’s my five scam self-defence rules… […]

Jessica Chastain explains why she chose a man to direct her upcoming female-led spy movie

Anthony Jones/Getty Jessica Chastain is the producer and one of the stars behind the female-led spy thriller, “355.” Though there are numerous women involved in front of and behind the camera for the project, a man (Simon Kinberg) will direct the movie. Business Insider asked Chastain why he was the best person to direct. There […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why he spoke out about Trump’s immigration policies: ‘We have a lot of immigrants that work at Apple… I want to stand up for them” (AAPL)

Getty Speaking at the Fortune CEO Initiative in San Francisco Monday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained why he chose to speak publicly against President Trump’s immigration policies. Cook thinks CEOs should be cautious about commenting on issues where they don’t have “significant standing,” but urged CEOs to speak out when a public policy doesn’t […]

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains the personality best-suited for life as a SEAL

St. Martin’s Press Jocko Willink served as the commander of SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser. Willink said to be a Navy SEAL you have to consider the job you’re signing up for: “You’re going to be risking your life; you’re going to be shooting guns; your job is to kill people.” Men who join […]

The UK’s ‘credit impulse’ just went sharply negative, and that explains why the Bank of England did not raise interest rates today

Pantheon Macroeconomics The amount of new credit issued in the UK suddenly went sharply negative in Q1, Consumers also abruptly increased their repayments of loans. Together, the two spikes — one down, one upward — send a worrying signal that British consumers are afraid of what’s ahead. That helps explain why the Bank of England […]

‘Can you do it for a decade?’ — Tiger Woods explains how he defines greatness in reference to LeBron James

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images Tiger Woods, with 14 major championships and 79 wins in his PGA career, is easily one of the greatest athletes of all time. Ahead of The Players Championship, Woods was asked to define greatness in reference to LeBron James, who is currently going through a similar streak of dominating performances. Woods said […]

Mary Berry recipes: THIS secret tip explains baker's success

The 83-year-old culinary TV star said she had long followed advice from a former employer who had steered her away from making her cooking seem too complicated to others. Instead, she was pushed in the right direction by keeping the language simple – and understandable – in her recipes. In a wideranging interview with the […]