Amazon is getting more than $2 billion for NYC and Virginia expansions

Enlarge / Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on September 13, 2018. (credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Over the last year, Amazon has dangled in front of cities the possibility that they could host the company’s “second headquarters”—a massive $ 5 billion facility that would provide 50,000 white-collar jobs. On Tuesday, Amazon confirmed what had been widely reported: nobody […]

U.S. security concerns could stall Huawei’s and ZTE’s 5G expansions

ANALYSIS: Will U.S. citizens get their first 5G phones from Huawei or ZTE? Not if Congress has its way. Over the past week, members of Congress have been getting tough on the two Chinese companies, formally identifying both as threats to national security following years of investigations. Today, Reuters reported that unidentified U.S. lawmakers asked […]

PTC sees expansions driving IoT growth

BII This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Companies are moving beyond the first stages of IoT projects and expanding their deployments, driving growth for IoT platform companies like PTC, which reported steady growth on the back of its burgeoning IoT business. For platforms that generate […]