Sleeping Too Much but Still Exhausted? Why You Can’t Sleep Well At Night

Can’t get yourself out of the ‘laze zone’? Simple, your aunt would say – you need more sleep. Well, what if you’ve been sleeping more than usual, and still can’t shake off that heavy sense of fatigue?You’re not alone.Scientific research amply showcases that fatigue is rooted in many core factors, and sleep deprivation is merely […]

The Real Reason You Feel Exhausted (And How to Be Energetic Again)

“I’m exhausted.” Do you say this all the time? Fatigue shows up in many ways including pure exhaustion, the inability to concentrate, anger, frustration and behavioral issues, memory problems, decreased work performance, and slower reaction times. Fatigue has also been linked to medical problems including obesity, hypertension, depression, diabetes, as well as increased automobile accidents. We […]

Confused, exhausted but McMahon nails it for Diamonds

THE gold medal match for netball at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester is remembered for being one of the greatest matches in the sport’s history. But the first thing that Diamonds star Sharelle McMahon recalls is the physical and emotional rollercoaster of the sudden-death double overtime thriller that saw Australia triumph over archrival New […]

What it’s like to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness that makes you feel exhausted all the time

Shutterstock/Kite_rin Living with CFS feels like being tired all the time — but it’s so much more than being tired. The illness is thought to affect at least 17 million people worldwide, and four times as many women as men. It’s normally triggered by viral infections like glandular fever, and can last a lifetime. It can come along with […]

‘Tully’ Trailer: Charlize Theron is an Exhausted Mom Who Needs a Break

We’ve seen Charlize Theron play everything from a rough-looking serial killer to the commander of a tribe of post-apocalyptic warriors to a badass secret agent. Now we’re going to see her absolutely exhausted as a mother of three children just doing her best to get by. Tully follows Charlize Theron as Marlo, a mother who […]

Chelsea news: Antonio Conte claims Blues stars are exhausted because of bigwigs

Conte, whose side were given a tough Champions League tie yesterday when drawn against Barcelona in the last 16, is unhappy that his squad are so tired, with Alvaro Morata forced to miss tonight’s trip to Huddersfield after being the latest to suffer with fatigue.  And he has pointed to the summer tour of Asia […]

Juggling act: School, athletics left middle-distance runner McBride exhausted

Brandon McBride’s rookie season as a professional middle-distance runner, filled with big expectations, stress and success, quickly became a lesson in how to balance academics and athletics. After graduating from Mississippi State University last year with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, McBride enrolled in a master’s program in public administration at his alma mater. […]

Laura Muir left EXHAUSTED on track after 5000m heat at World Athletics Championships 2017

Muir missed out on 1500m bronze by the slimmest of margins on Monday night but nevertheless turned up on Thursday for her second event, which would see her run her very first outdoor 5k race of the year. The Scot kept pace with the field for the majority of the first heat but tired badly […]