Book Excerpt: On the Potent Fear of ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’

There’s just something about the work of Ray Bradbury that makes for a good match with our friends over at Folio Society — the richness of his worlds, the intensity of his descriptions, and the vividness of his scenes lend themselves to the evocative illustrations of their handsome volumes. Following up on last year’s excellent edition of […]

Book Excerpt: On the Road with the Ramones

His name was Richard Reinhardt when the Ramones — coming off a streak of indifferently received and poorly selling albums — recruited the unknown 26-year-old club drummer, rechristening him Richie Ramone. “I think he saved the band, as far as I’m concerned,” Joey Ramone said, shortly after Richie’s addition. “He’s the greatest thing to happen […]

Book Excerpt: A Young Teacher Struggles to Do ‘Such Good Work’

Is doing good even possible? That’s the provocative question posed by Such Good Work, Johannes Lichtman’s debut novel (out February 5 from Simon & Schuster). It tells the darkly comic story of Jonas, a newly sober teacher who decides to fully wipe his slate by taking a volunteer teaching job abroad. He finds himself educating young migrants at […]

Book Excerpt: Two Young Lives Collide in ‘The Current’

Tim Johnston’s debut novel, 2015’s Descent, was both a critical success and a New York Times bestseller — so anticipation is obviously high for his newest book, The Current (out this week from Algonquin Books), a story of loss, survival, and buried secrets. But the ambitious author is up for the challenge. “The Current may differ […]

Book Excerpt: Aardman Goes to the Oscars

One of the most distinctive and recognizable studios in the world is Aardman Animations, whose charming and uproariously funny (mostly stop-animation) films, including Chicken Run, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and the Wallace and Gromit movies have delighted audiences and critics for decades. The new history A Grand Success! The People and Characters Who Created Aardman (out […]

Book Excerpt: Revisiting ‘Pine Barrens’ with ‘The Sopranos Sessions’

On January 10, 1999, HBO debuted The Sopranos — and kicked off a cultural revolution. The series, created by David Chase, sprung from the one-joke concept of “gangster goes to therapy” (there was apparently something in the air; two months later, the feature film Analyze This explored the same idea) but quickly proved itself as much more. […]

Book Excerpt: Meet the New ‘Slayer’ from the ‘Buffy’ Universe

Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains one of our forever faves, a whip-smart, wickedly funny, and proudly empowering series that, unlike a lot of your favorite ‘90s pop culture, still holds up. So we’re just fine with the expansion of the “Buffy universe” in the form of both new television ventures and new books — such as Slayer, […]

Book Excerpt: Celebrate the Holidays at the @FakeThemePark

We love when a Flavorwire alum makes good — Michelle Dean’s book Sharp is popping up on year-end best-of lists and the first look is up for her Hulu true crime anthology series, Judy Berman is killing it as TIME’s new TV critic, Alison Herman has been killing it as the Ringer’s TV critic, Jason Bailey’s […]

Book Excerpt: The Unlikely Romance of Katharine Hepburn and Howard Hughes

When Karina Longworth stumbled upon an Internet forum with a list of the women millionaire mogul Howard Hughes was alleged to have slept with — just names, nothing else — she knew she had a topic for her deservedly beloved Hollywood history podcast, You Must Remember This. “In each of these names there’s a whole life and a […]

Book Excerpt: On the Undying Appeal of Sherlock Holmes

We’ve brought you a fair amount of proof that Folio Society is one of the best gift book publishers in the business, thanks to their handsome new editions of literary classics, beautifully bound and illustrated with new art. But their presentation isn’t just cosmetic; their exclusive introductions offer insightful context, analysis, and criticism. Take, for […]