What does the Silk Road have to do with Mars, except everything?

Stacey McKenna October 30, 2018 Share this article After setting her sights on space exploration, a journey along the old trade route between India and Pakistan persuaded author Kate Harris to opt for more earthly adventures—cycling the Silk Road, now the subject of her new book. Shortly after midnight on an uncharacteristically cool July night […]

Two spaces after period are better than one, except maybe they aren’t, study finds

Enlarge / Two spaces are better. Well, at least to me. (credit: Nora Karol Photography/Getty Images) In what may be one of the most controversial studies of the year, researchers at Skidmore College—clearly triggered by a change in the American Psychological Association (APA) style book—sought to quantify the benefits of two spaces after a period […]

Trump bans transgenders from US military service ‘except under limited circumstances’

Published time: 24 Mar, 2018 01:38 Edited time: 24 Mar, 2018 01:44 President Trump has signed a memorandum that disqualifies transgender individuals with a history of “gender dysphoria” from military service “except under certain limited circumstances.” The secretaries of defense and homeland security “may exercise their authority to implement any appropriate policies concerning military service […]

I absolutely love this gorgeous new smartwatch from Skagen — except it’s missing one major feature every smartwatch should have in 2018

Avery Hartmans/Business Insider I was prepared to love the Skagen Falster smartwatch.  When I first saw the watch at CES — the tech industry trade show in Las Vegas last month — it blew me away. The watch was easily the best-looking wearable I saw there, and certainly the best-looking smartwatch I’ve seen in months.  The Falster […]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance — crime doesn’t pay … except when solving RPG quests

I’ve just started on my quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and I’m not sure what to think about it yet. The medieval open-world adventure — that I’ve started describing as “Skyrim minus fantasy” — takes its time before unleashing you on its world, so I’m still unsure what options I have to solve any particular […]

True journalism is about facts and evidence… except when it’s about Russian meddling

CNN seems to be the latest major US media outlet to shoot itself in the foot, allowing a desire to report a ‘gotcha’ story about Trump-Russia collusion to trample the actual facts. It thereby joins a respectable pool of journalistic self-injury victims. The news channel’s latest take on Russiagate targeted WikiLeaks, a whistleblower site that […]

U.S. House internet censorship bill is just like the Senate bill, except worse

There are two bills racing through Congress that would undermine your right to free expression online and threaten the online communities that we all rely on. The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA, S. 1693) and the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865) might sound noble, but they […]

Women less interested in sex, except when they ditch “mastering their domain”

Enlarge / Elaine is out. (credit: TBS) A lot of universal truths and life lessons can be found in old episodes of Seinfeld. But in the episode The Contest, the famous ‘90s sitcom may have missed some subtle differences between men and women when it comes to being “master of your domain,” according to a […]

Almost every American airport is awful — except for these

Like so many Americans, particularly ones who experience both the U.S. air system and transit in the New York City area, I have come to dread out-of-town travel. Just to get home, tri-staters must endure a series of Herculean labors. Whether you’re taking the train, stomaching an expensive car service, or self-parking in a garage […]