Trump’s appointment of Whitaker is almost exactly like one of Nixon’s most brazen acts before Watergate, only worse

Steve Pope/Getty Images The interim appointment of a man unknown and unqualified, except for his open loyalty to the president, to one of the top law enforcement jobs in the federal government has happened before. In May 1972, President Richard Nixon elevated Patrick Gray III to the directorship of the FBI a month before the […]

Here’s exactly how the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting unfolded

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar Eleven people were killed and six others were injured when a gunman armed with an AR-15 and handguns stormed the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday. When police rushed the synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, they were met with gunfire. The suspect, Robert Bowers, was eventually taken into […]

When, Exactly, Did Politics Become a Tech Story?

Early WIRED could ignore politics because its writers were focused on imagining the future. Today, the digital revolution is upon us, so WIRED writers have a larger task: helping readers understand what is happening in the present.

Trump and Kim Jong Un just had their first private meeting — and officials may never know exactly what was said

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a private meeting on Tuesday morning. Experts are concerned Trump could have gone off-script and may provide an unreliable account of events. With only the leaders and their interpreters present, there may never be a full transcript of the meeting, potentially […]

Facebook will soon reveal exactly which websites are tracking YOU

Facebook has revealed it is building a new privacy control called “clear history” to allow users to delete browsing data. The social network says it’s introducing this feature to allow everyone to have more information and control over the data Facebook receives from other websites and apps that use their services. The new feature is […]

How did Michael Goolaerts die? What exactly happened in horror incident explained  

Goolaerts suffered a cardiac arrest in the Briastre cobble sector of the one-day 257-km race in northern France and was airlifted to Lille Hospital Center but despite being resusictated, died several hours later at the age of just 23. The Belgian rider – in only his second year as a professional rider with Verandas Willems-Crelan […]

The CEO of ‘the best kept secret in travel’ reveals exactly when you should book a hotel to get the best deal — and the cheapest day to stay

Hotel Saint Marc The HotelTonight app sells unbooked hotel rooms around the world for discounted prices at the last minute. It’s the “best-kept secret in UK and Europe travel,” according to CEO Sam Shank. The prices get cheaper the closer you get to the booking date, according to Shank. He added that booking hotels through […]

Avengers Infinity War: WHAT exactly happens in Scotland? REVEALED 'We blew it up'

In April last year some of the MCU’s biggest stars sneaked into Scotland and filmed major set pieces. Some of those scenes have already been hinted in the recent Marvel trailers. Now Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, has revealed just how epic the Infinity War scenes in Scotland will be. Incredibly, Captain America (now Nomad), […]

OnePlus 6 will probably look exactly like THIS when it launches this summer

We now have a much better idea of what the hotly-anticipated OnePlus 6 will look like, thanks to a recent product announcement by the Chinese company Oppo. The latter has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, Oppo R15. This is an exciting development for OnePlus 6 fans, since the two companies have shared industrial designs in […]