He Dreams, and a Nation’s History Evolves

The legendary figure of Manas dominates the story of Kyrgyzstan, yet no one seems to know whether Manas ever really lived, or when. Nevertheless, he’s a national symbol whose name adorns everything from airports to city streets — like a cross between King Arthur, Genghis Khan, George Washington and Jesus — and his story is […]

Mitsubishi Evolution nameplate evolves into an electric SUV

Let’s imagine a Mitsubishi enthusiast awakens after having slept a decade. At first he isn’t alarmed at all, since the Lancer he last saw before taking a long nap still looks the same. The Galant is long gone, but that doesn’t bother him much. The first shock he experiences is when he realizes the Eclipse […]

Halo 6 news confirms Microsoft planning more “grand moments” as Combat Evolves on PC

Halo 6 wasn’t part of Microsoft’s big E3 show, which instead focused on the new Xbox One X. The only mention made of the series was through information on Halo War 2 on the upgraded system, which apparently caught fans off guard. It was expected that something new would at least be teased for the […]

Pandora’s CEO is stepping down as digital music evolves

The rumors were true: Pandora CEO Tim Westergren has announced that he’s stepping down from the company he co-founded 17 years ago. He’ll remain in the leadership position while the company searches for a replacement. President Mike Herring and marketing chief Nick Bartle are also leaving, the streaming music company says. While Pandora isn’t clear […]

Current theories might be wrong about how a galaxy evolves

With the help of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, researchers made a surprising discovery that goes against what we thought we knew about old galaxies and how they evolve. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a disk-shaped spiral galaxy. Typical of this shape of galaxy, the Milky Way’s stars move around with predictable regularity and new […]

See How a Scene from ‘Cars 3’ Evolves from Storyboard to the Final Cut

Last week brought a brand new trailer for Cars 3, along with our reaction after seeing roughly half the movie. Easily the most impressive and promising element of the movie is the new character Cruz Ramirez voiced by comedian Cristela Alonzo, who gives the franchise a much needed bigger heart. But beyond that, Pixar Animation […]