'Impeachment without trial': #MeToo pariah Kevin Spacey evokes Frank Underwood in new VIDEO

After a year-long absence following an avalanche of sexual assault and misconduct allegations during the #MeToo movement, Hollywood star Kevin Spacey came back from the dark in the guise of his ‘House of Cards’ character. “I know what you want. You want me back,” the actor can be seen saying in video titled ‘Let Me […]

Action RPG ‘Lucah: Born Of A Dream’ Evokes Strong Emotions With Its Vivid, Violent Art

Lucah: Born of a Dream weaves a violent, colorful, and oppressive landscape around the player with its vibrant colors and harsh, scratch-like art style, looking like its existence has been clawed into being. It speaks of pain and harm with its every move as players work through its combat, but despite all of this, calls […]

The New Yorker evokes a powerful message about the Las Vegas shooting on its latest cover

Twitter The New Yorker previewed the cover of its October 16 issue with an evocative message following last weekend’s mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. Tweet Embed:https://twitter.com/mims/statuses/916352492727881729?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwPowerful cover of next week’s @NewYorker: “One Day in a Nation of Guns.” pic.twitter.com/Uzha1VeO3V The cover, titled “October 1, 2017: One Day in a Nation of Guns,” displays […]

‘Alien: Covenant’ preview evokes original’s nostalgic last supper

While the first official trailer for Alien: Covenant showed us terrifying images of a colony ship gone horribly wrong, this new preview gives us a full, uncut scene. It’s a stunning glimpse at the titular ship’s crew relaxing together with a final meal before readying themselves for a long cryogenic sleep. Titled, “Prologue: Last Supper,” […]