SNL: TVLine Readers Rank Every Season 43 Episode, From Worst to Best

Nearly every week from late September through mid-May, we here at TVLine highlight the best and worst of what Saturday Night Live has to offer, before turning it over to you, our loyal readers, to grade each episode. With Season 43 now behind us, we’re revisiting how each of the last 21 installments — featuring hosts Donald Glover, Tiffany Haddish, […]

Diabetes type 2: You should try to eat this much fruit and veg every day

Diabetes has two main forms, diabetes type 2 and diabetes type 1. They are both caused by problems with the hormone insulin, that is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Symptoms of these conditions tend to include needing the toilet regularly, increased hunger and thirst and tiredness. Treatment for diabetes focuses on maintaining blood sugar […]

The fun starts here! Seize every second with our half-term activity guide

Halfords Get the kids out on a mini adventure this bank holiday Whether it’s rain or shine, school’s out for the week (well, nine days if you include the weekends), so the number-one priority is occupying the kids – ideally with plenty of outdoor fun. Cycling is the perfect option to get the family moving: […]

Millennials spend thousands of dollars going to their friends’ weddings every year — here’s how much 10 people are saving just to attend

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock Weddings are expensive to plan: In 2017, The Knot found that the average cost of a wedding in America was $ 33,391. But it’s also not cheap to be a wedding guest or a bridesmaid. Costs can easily add up with the hotel stay, Ubers, gifts, a dress, and the multiple parties to attend.  Refinery29 […]

Deadpool 2: Every CAMEO revealed but is Wolverine there? Full gallery

The notoriously rude posters for the first movie warned fans that Deadpool was ‘packing’. Well, the next movie is bursting at the seamy red leather seams with action, laughs, shocks and an incredible array of cameos. Last time around Deadpool told the audience that the budget was too small to afford proper X-Men. This time, […]

How to live longer – this is how many avocados you should be eating every week

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to helping you live longer, according to the NHS. You should also make sure to do plenty of regular exercise. Every UK adult should aim to do at least 150 minutes of activity every week. If you’re a smoker, one of the best ways to lower your risk […]

Android P update – Every new feature coming to your phone REVEALED

Google has revealed the latest Android P mobile operating system to the world and with it comes lots of new information about what Android users can expect soon. Details were announced at the Google I/O 2018 developer conference keynote on May 8. You can already opt to be part of the tester program and install […]

Fortnite weekly Battle Pass challenges: Every Season 4 task SOLVED

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 is out now, complete with a new wave of weekly challenges. Each week a new set of seven Battle Pass challenges are released by Epic Games. Fans need to complete any four of these challenges to be rewarded with 4,000 XP. The challenges are separated into hard and regular tiers […]