I spent a week following Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine — 3 years later, there’s an aspect of it that I still do every day

Wikimedia Commons Personal finance blogger J. Money, of BudgetsAreSexy, tried following Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine for a week.  He has since adopted the practice of waking up early, and has woken up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. for the last three years.  He’s discovered it’s effective for him — he’s more productive in the […]

Here are the most common ancestries in every US state

David Zalubowski/AP Americans come from everywhere, and every family has a story about where they come from. Self-reported ancestries in America include Italian, German, and Mexican heritage. Using Census Bureau data assembled by the Minnesota Population Center, we found the most common self-reported ancestry in every state. Americans come from all over the world, and […]

A screenwriter is working on a list of every hit film you can’t stream

We’ve all had moments trying to hunt down films that just don’t seem to be anywhere online, whether on streaming services, for rent or to purchase. Screenwriter John August (Charlie’s Angels, Big Fish, the upcoming live-action Aladdin) noticed that Ron Howard’s light sci-fi film Cocoon wasn’t available online, he started a list collecting other popular […]

The US says it’s talking with North Korea ‘virtually every day,’ but they’re getting nowhere

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst The US and North Korea are in direct communication “virtually every day,” according to a US State Department spokeswoman. Talks appear to have hit a roadblock as both sides are beginning to publicly express their frustration with each other. The US is concerned about reports that North Korea is continuing to advance its […]

5 science-backed books every parent should read to make their kids more healthy, attentive, and disciplined

Shutterstock With new parenting books being published all the time, finding the correct choice can seem overwhelming.  Due to the importance of a child’s early developmental years, selecting an appropriate book can have an impact on your child’s future.  The following is a selection of books written using a research-oriented approach.  New parenting books seem […]

Leaked video shows the Galaxy Note9 from every angle, reveals 512GB version

Evan Blass The release of the Galaxy Note 9 is fast approaching, and Samsung just can’t seem to keep a lid on the phone. The Note9 pre-order page went up early (as spotted by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass) on Samsung’s New Zealand site, which revealed a full back shot of the phone and the bright yellow […]

Trips to suit every taste

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: In Livorno, Oceania Cruise passengers can check out the market, right (Image: ALAMY/GETTY) MARKET TIME IN THE MED The essence of Europe is beautifully showcased on this voyage with Oceania Cruises (0345 505 1920/oceaniacruises. com) which accentuates the cuisine and culture of each destination with special excursions. At Livorno, passengers visit the […]

These are the causes and symptoms of every common type of food poisoning

Thomson Reuters Every year, 48 million people in the US contract some form of foodborne illness. Just this week, a Chipotle in Ohio temporarily closed down because more than 400 people said they got sick after eating there. And products sold at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Walgreens were recalled because they used lettuce […]