The most expensive house for sale in New Jersey is a sprawling $29.5 million estate with a private English-style pub, and it’s only 25 miles from NYC

Special Properties Real Estate Services The most expensive home for sale in New Jersey is a $ 29.5 million mansion in Mahwah. The sprawling estate sits on a 46-acre property that includes an outdoor infinity pool, horse paddocks, an indoor riding arena, a soccer field, a basketball court, and a 20-stall barn. The lavish interior […]

Real estate in the world’s 2 biggest financial centres is stalling

Reuters/Toby Melville Big cities on both sides of the Atlantic are witnessing worrying signs in their property markets as prices for both renting and buying fall. In London, the balance of prices is now -47%, meaning that almost half of property surveyors expect a fall in value. While in New York, rents fell their most […]

Real estate players are looking to corner the market on both baby boomers and millennials

Flickr / Jakob Montrasio Millennials are finally looking at the housing market. Housing is in short supply for those millennials looking to buy. Millennials officially surpassed Baby Boomers in 2017 as borrowers for high-end mortgages. Whether you call them the Selfie Generation, Generation Me or the Do-Gooder Generation, it’s clear that millennials are the biggest and most […]

A rare piece of real estate hidden in plain sight underneath a New York City church was put on the market for $7 million

Hannah Schaffer A New York City church is selling the last remaining crypt in its catacombs for $ 7 million.  These catacombs — beneath the 200-year-old Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral — were previously off-limits, but the church recently began public tours in 2017.  The crypt available inside is one of the only remaining full-body, […]

4 examples of AI’s impact on the estate market

GUEST: Many consider real estate to be one of the last markets requiring the dying art of human interaction. However, that may change drastically in the coming years. Real estate companies are looking to streamline efficiency and results and thus look toward artificial intelligence for the answers. Soon, like the traveling salesmen of old, even […]

Trump’s tax overhaul has slowed Manhattan’s real estate market even before going into full effect

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters Fourth-quarter home sales in Manhattan slumped as buyers considered the impact of the new tax law.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act caps the amount of state and local tax deductions at $ 10,000, and rich taxpayers who itemize their deductions benefitted the most when it was uncapped. Homeowners across high-tax states including New York, […]

What Tony Robbins is really like — behind the scenes at his private Fiji estate

When I tell people that I spent four days with Tony Robbins, they always ask a version of the same question: “What is he really like?” This can be asked with skepticism: “I remember his infomercials. He’s just a con artist selling motivational speeches to desperate people, right?” Or they can be asked with reverence: “His lessons changed […]

I was a butler and estate manager for billionaires — here are 7 surprising insights I learned from the inside

Shutterstock David Youdovin is the founder and CEO of Hire Society, a staffing agency that helps wealthy families find and hire private household help. Prior to starting his own company, Youdovin worked as a butler and estate manager for one of the world’s richest billionaire families. The experience taught him that wealthy individuals value their families […]