Riot Games moves to establish League of Legends as a lasting esport

The owners of League of Legends professional esports teams met in Miami recently, where they contemplated the future of esports based on Riot Games’ popular League of Legends franchises. Each team invested a reported $ 10 million to get a franchise slot in the North American League Championship Series. In return, they get better alignment […]

‘Time has arrived for Africa to establish a single currency’ – South African president

President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has suggested creating a single currency for Africa which, according to him, could boost trade across borders and match international currencies. The idea was first mooted by Ramaphosa during a meeting of the African Union in Rwanda, where 44 countries gathered to sign the African Continental Free Trade Area […]

North Korea seeks to establish ‘equilibrium of force’ with US – Kim Jong-un

Published time: 15 Sep, 2017 22:12 Edited time: 15 Sep, 2017 22:19 Pyongyang must strive for parity of “real force” with Washington on the Korean peninsula so that US leaders “dare not talk about military options,” North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told defense officials during the latest test of IRBM. “Our final goal is to […]

‘Utter nonsense’: Kremlin denies reports of Blackwater founder helping establish Putin-Trump ties

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed a Washington Post report claiming that the Blackwater founder held a secret meeting to establish a backchannel for communications between Moscow and Donald Trump’s administration. “This is complete nonsense,” Peskov said on Tuesday after posed with a question by a reporter. Earlier Monday, the Washington Post reported, citing unnamed […]

‘The Romanovs will return,’ man who plans to establish Russian Empire on Pacific islands tells RT

Since the former Russian MP, adventurer, and entrepreneur Anton Bakov announced that he was reviving the Russian Empire by buying three remote Micronesian Islands, the world media has given him acres of coverage. But just how serious are Bakov’s intentions? “Our first contacts with the government of Kiribati were a year and a half ago, […]

Muslim Brotherhood expands presence in Germany, seeks to establish Sharia law – security official

Islamic radicals from the Muslim Brotherhood are actively trying to gain a “monopoly” over mosques in the eastern German state of Saxony to attract more followers and increase their influence, the local security service chief has warned. READ MORE: German police want refugees kept away from carnival The members of the radical Salafist organization, the […]

Establish ownership of your photos by creating a simple visible watermark

With the ability to copy an image off the web as easily as right-click and save, a simple and quick way to protect your images is visible watermark. When it comes to watermarks, however, you either love or hate them. They tend to look ugly and can ruin an image, but they’re a necessary evil […]