The DOJ just approved Cigna’s $67 billion merger with Express Scripts (ESRX, CI)

The Department of Justice just cleared Cigna‘s $ 67 billion merger with Express Scripts. The deal combines a health insurer and a company that helps negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs in the form of rebates on behalf of health plans. Cigna and Express Scripts said Monday that they expect the deal to close by the […]

A huge health insurer just decided to build its own middleman to manage prescriptions (ANTM, ESRX)

Bangkoker/Shutterstock In April, health insurer Anthem parted ways with Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager.  Anthem was responsible for roughly 18% of Express Scripts’ first quarter 2017 revenue. Now, Anthem is launching its own PBM called IngenioRx. Anthem, which owns a variety of Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance firms, said on Wednesday that it will be launching its own […]

A huge pharma middleman just lost its biggest customer — and it shows how drug pricing really works (ESRX)

Express Scripts is losing a big customer. Anthem, the big health insurer, is ending its contract with the company following a 2016 lawsuit.  Anthem claimed Express Scripts overcharged the insurer by billions of dollars. Anthem contracts with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) like Express Scripts to help negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs. Anthem accused Express Scripts of not […]