Escaping Occupied Kuwait: History's Largest Air Evacuation

Eight-year-old Viju Cherian went to sleep in Kuwait City on Aug. 1, 1990, excited about a friend’s birthday party the next day. By the time he woke up the next morning, though, the party had been called off. Kuwait was under occupation, and the only people celebrating were Iraqi soldiers, young men in olive fatigues […]

Two Centuries Before Mandela, This Xhosa Hero Died Escaping Robben Island

Shortly before daybreak, a group of prisoners on Robben Island overpowered their British guards and stole their weapons. After a series of skirmishes that left at least one guard dead and several wounded, the prisoners used a bayonet to punch a hole in the prison walls. Instead of heading directly to the island’s tiny harbor […]

On the 7th day of Christmas, Berlin gave to me: Seven cons escaping…

Two further prisoners have escaped from the same central Berlin whence five inmates broke out on New Year’s Eve using a power tool. Critics say the once-feared jail is now an “open house.” Justice authorities said late on Monday that two inmates – identified by Bild as Saldiray D., 44 and Domenique B., 21 – […]

Path Out Is An Autobiographical JRPG Of Escaping Syria’s Civil War

Path Out seems like a cute, somewhat silly JRPG on the surface, but takes players through a harrowing real-life event. Telling the story of Abdullah Karam, a Syrian artist who escaped from the war-torn country back in 2014, it seeks to convey the experiences the artist had on their difficult journey through a medium the […]

Surgeons find never-before-seen parasite in body of defector who was shot 5 times while escaping North Korea

REUTERS/Lee Jin Woo The North Korean defector who was shot five times while running across the border to South Korea has been found riddled with parasites, one of which has never before been seen in the country. North Korean defectors often come over to South Korea with parasites, once with more than 30 types of […]

Path Out uses real-life commentary to tell a tale of escaping Syria

Path Out is an autobiographical role-playing game that goes beyond just telling a story through dialogue and quests. You play as a cartoon version of Abdullah Karam, a Syrian refugee who now resides in Austria. As you help him escape the civil war in his homeland, videos from present-day Karam pop up in the corner, and […]

London's big impression on escaping French artists

TATE BRITAIN/NATIONAL GALLERY The exhibition explores the influence London had on escaping Parisian artists The lasting popularity of the classic Impressionist paintings has made Monet’s garden a major tourist attraction. But an important exhibition opening this week at Tate Britain shows that inspiration for the French artists came from much closer to home. Impressionists In […]

White supremacists who beat people up at rallies are escaping police custody — so media outlets are unmasking them

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Members of California’s Rise Above Movement got into violent altercations during the protests in Charlottesville and Berkeley. But police aren’t charging them with crimes, an investigation from ProPublica found. So the outlet has identified several white nationalists, revealing who they are to the world. White nationalists descended on Charlottesville, Virginia and Berkeley, […]

WATCH: Hotel guest gets STUCK on a wire mid-air after escaping his room to dodge his bill

Footage captured the bizarre moment a man became stuck on telecom wires high above the ground.  The man had been staying in a hotel in China but decided he didn’t want to pay his bill at the end.  Instead of fronting up, he tried to escape out of the window of his high-rise room.  He […]

This Family Has The Craziest Story Of Escaping Harvey Three Times

Amber Jamieson for BuzzFeed News BEAUMONT, Texas — Over the past week the Dahab family has crossed Texas trying to escape Storm Harvey – fleeing their flooded home, a trapped car, and an evacuation center with no running water. Four-year-old Zeina Dahab acted pretty nonchalant about her first helicopter ride, even though just hours earlier […]